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Yesware helps startups, salespeople and business owners make more money. We're seeking smart people who want to be part of a team, are passionate about solving problems, and who constantly strive to be better at their craft.

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Open Positions at Yesware

Yesware is the best place to work in Boston.

We're a venture-backed email productivity company that helps salespeople close more business.


Friday lunches are a weekly tradition.

Every week, we get together for Friday lunch, and sometimes for Friday beers. Every morning, we gather for our company standup meeting. We celebrate big milestones with champagne.

We’re a hard work, low hassle organization.

We have very few meetings, flexible schedules and a liberal vacation policy. We offer great compensation (salary and equity) as well as a growing list of benefits: health, dental, 401(k) and T pass reimbursement.

We’ve been called “The Monastic Startup.”

Our work environment is focused so we can get a lot done in a short time. It's probably the quietest office you've ever been in. Brad Feld described us as “The Monastic Startup.”

Our development methodology is very agile and we focus on features and customer happiness rather than on process. If there is a change which needs to go in today, we will push a new release today. Your work has an immediate impact on our users.

Our software is built on the Ruby on Rails stack and hosted on Heroku. A combination of Postgres and MongoDB comprises our database layer. For the frontend, we make heavy use of modular, jQuery-flavored javascript.

As part of a small team, you will have plenty of leverage over the design and direction of Yesware. Each person here takes on a number of varied and interesting responsibilities.

We work closely with our customers.

We work very closely with salespeople to understand their wants and needs. We’re constantly trying to improve on their professional email experience by designing features to address frustrations and inefficiencies.

We’re selling a Sales Tool to Salespeople.

At Yesware, our Sales Consultants are in the unique and truly awesome position of working with other sales professionals to help them close more deals faster with our product. We love being a part of the inside sales community, learning from our own customers, and sharing industry best practices.

Our organizational growth has only just begun (7 new members in 7 months!) and we already have a blast together doing everything from lunch-and-learns, to team outings, to our weekly meeting "Beer O'Clock", to crushing our goals. There is a little of the expected: a foam football, a gong, and a revenue ticker, but there is also a lot of the less-expected: participating in daily stand-ups, user testing for our product team, and writing blog posts. Balancing our focus on driving revenue with wearing lots of hats in a fast paced, hands on environment is both a challenging and rewarding experience.

Our squad of sales rockstars comes from a diverse background of business development, enterprise and SMB sales, marketing, customer service, and entrepreneurship. We value this range of perspectives that is going to help us define what it means to be leaders in our market, selling a sales tool to salespeople.

Yesware is located in the heart of Boston by Downtown Crossing. We're on the fifteenth floor of a newly renovated space with a rooftop view of the Financial District. Yesware has a wide-open office plan (no cubicles here) and there’s always free coffee and snacks.

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