Yesware Prescriptive Analytics

Your data tells you what happened. Yesware tells you what to do next.

Yesware’s prescriptive sales platform gives you insights you can act on — and advice to help your reps prioritize their next move. Know which prospects are highly engaged and likely to close, identify strengths and weaknesses in a sales reps’ selling process, and use these data points to coach your team to success.

Data that helps you grow revenue, not just report it.

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What is Prescriptive Analytics?

Focused on Action

Prescriptive analytics combs through a variety of data sources to give actionable advice on how to get to where you want to be. So you can do more than report on your sales efforts — you can improve them.

Real-time Results

The true power of prescriptive data is in unearthing practical findings that you can act on immediately. Which means your sales reps can adjust their strategy in real-time to focus on activities that actually lead to closed business.

Scale Success

Data is nothing without context. Prescriptive analytics shows you what your best performing reps are doing differently from the rest of the team, so you can drive change across the entire sales organization.

Activity vs. Engagement Report

Focus on what matters

Speed up the sales process by helping your reps focus their time and attention on the opportunities that are most likely to close.

Yesware’s Activity vs. Engagement Report reveals which customers are most engaged with your sales team, offering data-driven recommendations on who to keep pursuing and who isn’t worth the effort. It’s the context you need to stop wasting time on unlikely buyers and ineffective outreach.

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“My team sends a high volume of outbound emails each day. The engagement insights we get from Yesware are invaluable. We’re making qualified decisions based on analytics and data, rather than hypothesis and guesswork … It’s shortened our sales cycle by at least 20%.”

Nate Castro, Director of Enterprise Sales
Manager 1-on-1 Report

Maximize your one-on-one meetings

Do you know what your reps need to do to make their monthly goals?

Yesware’s Manager 1-on-1 Report gives you the inside scoop on a rep’s month-to-date email, phone, and meeting activities and their impact on sales opportunities. And it only takes 5 seconds to read (we counted). Use it to immediately spot and correct ineffective behavior — long before it shows up in your end-of-the-quarter numbers.

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“Yesware has helped us reap large productivity gains across our sales team while also providing us with much better data to inform our sales processes. I can’t imagine running a sales team without them.”

Dominic Garabedian, VP of Sales
Yesware Salesforce Dashboards

Turn individual wins into unstoppable team strategy

Don’t guess what your star reps are doing differently. Know.

Yesware activity dashboards in Salesforce allow you to quickly see how each rep is performing relative to the rest of the team. So you can pinpoint exactly what’s driving one person’s high performance and set up a system to help other reps replicate proven strategies.

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“For the first time ever, we can measure our sales output and understand the specific steps that lead to success. This allows us to create a consistent process that allows us to drive predictable results, month after month.”

Tim Bertrand, Chief Revenue Officer

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