Yesware is a free add-on for Gmail that helps you sell more effectively right from your inbox.

Yesware Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Yesware Teams make it easy to share winning messages and viewing detailed team reports.

  • Name your team and invite colleagues to collaborate
  • Share all of your winning email templates with each other to increase sales and productivity
  • View detailed team reports & analytics on emails sent, opens, response rates, & much more

Yesware Custom Templates

Custom Templates

Create personal, customized email templates for every stage of your sales process.

  • Choose your best templates by seeing which ones your customers reply to most
  • Incorporate links and rich text to send great looking messages at the click of a button—every time
  • Use [brackets] to indicate custom fields to make your templates even faster and easier to use

Yesware Reminders


With Yesware Reminders, you'll never miss a follow-up again.

  • Remind yourself to follow-up on important emails
  • Use Reminders to easily prioritize critical messages that don't receive replies
  • Get detailed tracking information about your emails when your Reminders come due

Yesware Salesforce Sync

Salesforce Sync

Harness the best that Yesware and Salesforce have to offer. We let you manage your sales funnel, right from Gmail.

  • Create and Edit Salesforce contacts directly from Gmail
  • Automatically sync all tracking data— sent emails, opens, link-clicks, and replies— to Salesforce
  • Quickly add new tasks to Salesforce while you're reading an email from a contact
  • Get activity reporting for each contact, lead, account, and opportunity

Yesware CRM Syncing

CRM Syncing

With just one click every email you write can sync automatically with your CRM. You can focus on selling, we’ll take care of the data.

  • Ease of use thanks to partnerships with popular providers like Salesforce, Batchbook, Pipedrive, Base, Highrise, SugarCRM, and other services like TimeTrade
  • Save time and avoid mistakes from manual entry
  • Actionable information when it matters most

Yesware Reports and Analytics

Reports and Analytics

Our reports and analytics turn you into a sales superstar by helping you close more deals—faster.

  • Know exactly who’s best to follow up with by using our personal tracking reports and gauge your email opens for the last 30 days
  • See where in the world people open your emails from inside your inbox
  • Find out if your message is reaching top decision makers
  • Prioritize your email prospecting with subject filters and email activity sorting

Yesware Team Reports

Team Reports

Quickly and easily monitor your team's performance, and goal progress, with Team reports.

  • Learn how your team's messaging is resonating with your target market
  • Know what your team is doing everyday without having to rely on manual data entry
  • See which emails get high open rates and leverage these insights to share expertise amongst the team
  • Reward best practices and winning approaches

Send Later

Schedule an email to automatically be sent at a later time from your Gmail inbox

Mail Merge

Quickly send personalized emails to up to 200 people at once.

  • Streamline your email outreach process by merging templates with information customized to each recipient.
  • Sends tracked emails to multiple recipients using your Gmail account so that you can reply directly from within Gmail.
  • Enable Admin Controls to ensure unified messaging throughout your team.

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A free add-on for Chrome and Firefox


You are ready to start using Yesware and sell like never before!  Need help getting started check out our Help section.

We hope you enjoy using Yesware!