“Yesware helps us to be the most technologically advanced
sales team in media.”

J.Ryan Williams | Senior Director, Sales Development, Adroll

Yesware is used by:

Tim Bertrand, Acquia

"Deloitte named us the fastest growing private software company in the world this year, and it's thanks in part to companies like Yesware. From getting new hires up to speed to helping sales veterans improve, our return on the Yesware investment is clear - there is no doubt that we have seen measurable improvements in pipeline quality."

Tim Bertrand, Acquia | VP, Worldwide Sales

Aaron Ross, <br />Predictable Revenue, Inc

Aaron Ross,
Predictable Revenue, Inc


"Yesware makes templates SIMPLE and we recommend it to all our clients."

Sanober Mukadam, <br/>Groupon

Sanober Mukadam,

Senior Manager of Sales Strategy & Operations

"Yesware's integration between Gmail, Google Calendar, and Salesforce has enabled us to increase the productivity of our sales team and engage in a more effective means of communication with merchant partners."

Andrea Raquel, <br/>Better Me, Inc.

Andrea Raquel,
Better Me, Inc.


"I love this extension... It's a great tool for knowing who opened your email, when and how many times."

Fred Shilmover,<br/> Insight Squared

Fred Shilmover,
Insight Squared


“Yesware has increased the efficiency of our email communications and has provided us with the ability to reach out to more people than ever before."

Yesware is used by:

Daphna Giniger, AppsFire

"I love Yesware... it helps you see your pipeline in sales and visualize your prospects."

Daphna Giniger, AppsFire | International Sales Manager

Gene Plotkin, <br/>SalesCrunch

Gene Plotkin,

Customer Success Manager

"Yesware is a fantastic tool for streamlining our overall sales processes and making sure our customers are taken care of."

Slava Menn, <br/>Gotham Bicycle Industries

Slava Menn,
Gotham Bicycle Industries


“Loving Yesware – it has been saving me >30 min a day on my outreach days.”

Rodan van Orden,<br/> Mediaplatform

Rodan van Orden,

Account Executive

“I get more appointments and close more deals with Yesware. End of story.”

Sally Lawrence, <br/>Town & Country Real Estate

Sally Lawrence,
Town & Country Real Estate


"I love knowing that my message has been seen. It continues to perform well after several weeks of use."

“Yesware allows us to be better as a sales organization by giving us
the intelligence, the standardization that we need, and it's very
simple to use and integrate.”

Tsahy Shapsa | Co-Founder and VP of Sales, Cloudlock

Don Otvos, Yammer

“Salespeople just started using it, closing more business and spreading the word. Before long, I knew this was a key service that we should deploy to everyone.”

Don Otvos, Yammer | Senior Manager of Sales Operations

Yesware is used by:

Andrew Fayad, <br/>Axial Market

Andrew Fayad,
Axial Market

Business Development

“Yesware has changed the way we communicate with our customers and has already provided incredible value from a time-savings perspective."

Andrew Gazdecki,<br/> Bizness Apps

Andrew Gazdecki,
Bizness Apps


"Our outbound sales process has literally exploded since the use of Yesware... allowing us to be roughly 1000000% more efficient."

Genaro Moronta, <br/>Superplotter

Genaro Moronta,

Técnico en Impresoras

Excelente aplicación! Me informaba cuando un prospecto o un cliente abría cualquier correo y podía adelantarme en muchos aspectos.

Kelli Freeman, <br/>Lux Aeterna Images

Kelli Freeman,
Lux Aeterna Images

Visual Production Specialist

"This is a wonderful tool. I love being able to see when someone reads my email and compare it with the rate in which I get responses."

Yesware is used by:

Charlie Wood, <br/>Spanning

Charlie Wood,

CEO and Founder

“With the "CRM" button in Yesware, it's easy to capture both sides of the conversation. Highly recommended."

Lora Kratchounova, <br/>Scratch Marketing + Media

Lora Kratchounova,
Scratch Marketing + Media


"We love the team at Yesware - great people who are always there to answer questions, provide support."

Kyle Bazzy,<br/> Benzinga

Kyle Bazzy,


“With Yesware's template system, I'm already an hour ahead on my emails compared to where I used to be.”

Robert Simmons,<br/>KONEX Satellite Center

Robert Simmons,
KONEX Satellite Center

Senior Sales Consultant

“Thanks to Yesware, I have now developed procedures for when I see someone opening an email."

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