3 Sales Tips to Jumpstart Your Week!: Part 9

November 7, 2011 | 
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We’ve braved the cold to get some nice, warm weather this week. Fire up your sales process with these tips focusing on getting customers to say yes to your price.

1. Get Your Clients to Know You, Like You & Trust You

From the time your prospect to when you close that sale the first time with a customer, you need make sure your clients can find you, like you personally, and trust your judgement.

(via Business Know-How)

2. Stay Honest

No matter what happens while you’re prospecting or what your competitors too, don’t give into dishonesty. People do business with people they trust. It’s that simple.

(via Entrepreneur Magazine)

3. Ask for Feedback

Wondering why your pitch didn’t work? Well, ask the prospect! Maybe you overlooked something in the industry, or maybe you just don’t seem personable. The only way for improvement is to know what you’re doing wrong, and the only way to know what you’re doing wrong is to ask for feedback!

(via BusinessSeek.Biz)

Have a great week!

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