Happy Monday! We at Yesware hope you enjoy this last full week of October with the sales tips below.

1. Ask More Questions

Keep engaging with your client to really understand his or her pain points. Gathering as much information as possible allows you to present useful solutions to your client or prospect.

(via the Science & Art of Selling)

2. Eliminate More Prospects

Only sell to prospects who need your solution. If you find out a prospect does not need your product, then end the conversation. With this technique you’ll develop relationships with those that really enjoy and like your product and not waste your time with those who aren’t a good fit.

(via BNET)

3. Check Your Email 3 Times Per Day

Stop wasting your time in the unproductive time warp that happens when you get stuck in your inbox. Minimize your email so you get more done in the day. Answer all new email messages at once so you don’t continuously start and stop working on projects.

(via Just Sell)

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