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Each week we share sales tips for you to share with your sales team to get the week started on the right foot. Here are three to get you started.

1. Are you a B2B sales rep? You need to understand today’s new B2B buyer

With so much product information readily available on the internet, it’s easy for your prospect to learn what they need to know about your product and your competitors. They know what price to ask for, what features to demand and what else is out there. Sales reps in today’s market must respond to today’s environment accordingly. (via The New B2B Buyer, Sales Machine)

2. A good appointment-scheduling solution can cut the time a rep spends scheduling demos and meetings by leaps and bounds.

Example: Using a Sales 2.0 tool like and inserting that link and phrase into an appointment-scheduling template in Yesware can cut down on the clicking back-and-forth between emails to coordinate schedules with a prospect. A sales operation professional help identify these inefficiencies within a sales team and advise on tools and solutions to resolve them. (via Confessions of a Sales Operations Skeptic, a Sales Manager’s Perspecive, Sales Operations Blog)

3. Building up a list of your own leads? Use or to look up prospects by industry, business size and job title.

(via How to Build Your Own B2B Prospecting List for Free, Marketing Profs)

What other great tips have you read in the sales blogosphere lately? Let us know in the comments!

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