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Yesware is Email for Salespeople, but today we’d also like to extend our mission to get more students working in startups after graduation. To do this, we are giving graduating students (undergraduates, MBA’s, etc) our Plus plan for free through August. We believe this is an awesome tool to help you get the perfect job right out of school. Avoid the job boards with boring corporate jobs where you upload your resume and pray for results. With Yesware you can reach out to companies and know if/when your email is opened, and if/when your resume is clicked on.

We know the job search can be tough. You never know if you are contacting the right person, if your email is getting opened, if your cover letter is effective, or if your resume is being read. Yesware is a Gmail extension that allows you to track which of your emails get opened and when as well as if those emails get forwarded. Along with tracking you get contact insights which is gives you a variety of information about the person you are emailing with from Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. Lastly, you will be able to save email templates that have worked for you in the past for easy personalization and job prospecting.

Start-ups and Tech companies are the future of America. We hope we can encourage more students should be looking for jobs in tech where students come in and can immediately make an impact.

We don’t care if you are liberal arts or computer science, America’s tech companies have fantastic career opportunities. If you sign-up over the next week, we will give you 6 months free to use our product to track the success of your job search.

Help us declare war on boring entry level jobs and start applying to start-ups and high growth tech companies.

Sign up today!

Are you a tech company that also wants to give free service to our future workforce? Do you have any advice on getting hired at a great job out of school? Let us know in the comments!

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