August Product Updates


It has never been harder to be a salesperson. And at the same time, there’s never been this big of an upside for getting into sales. For the salesperson who can successfully manage their time, consistently build trust, and use the right sales tools in the right way – the amount of personal, financial, and professional growth is limitless.

So what’s the magic sauce?

DATA. As a salesperson, you possess something your predecessors never had – hard data about your own performance. Data that tells you to do ‘this’ , not ‘that’ and keeps you exceptionally evolving as the insights roll in.

This month, we urge you to head to the brand new Email Activity Report and Templates Report and look at your data. See how your stats compare to your teammates’ and find a way to adjust and improve. These new reports serve up the richest insights Yesware has ever offered and makes those insights available to ALL Yesware users, not just team leads.

​​​​​​Also new this month – check out our ‘Template Insights’ beta – a tool we’re developing to help you write messages that get results.

As always, you can reply to this email with any feedback. Happy September!

New Email Activity Report


Our customers have spoken, and you want your data democratized. Instead of team leaders having exclusive access to team performance metrics, all team members should be able to view team stats. The Email Activity Report gives you the ability to view email performance metrics for both you and your team(s) and sort by reporting period, team, and metric, allowing your team to share information more easily and improve together.

New Templates Report – By User


Sales is a team sport, and where one salesperson succeeds – everyone succeeds. That’s why we think you’ll love the all-new Templates Report ‘By User’ view. The report breaks down template usage by individual user, so sales leaders can guide their team strategy. With a personal summary view at the top, individual team members can view their performance metrics and see how their own performance compares to their team(s).

Campaigns Quoting

Starting next week, when you send a follow-up email through Campaigns, your recipient will now see a quoted thread of your past email(s). This will provide continuity for your recipient and make it a lot easier for you to reference past messages.

Beta: Template Insights

Want better engagement with your templates? In your Templates compose window, you’ll now see a beta for our ‘Template Insights’ tool. This tool will analyze your current template and provide feedback based on criteria like word count, question count, and readability. From these insights, you’ll also get recommendations to gently guide you to craft the perfect message.

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