Daniel Pink’s Latest Is the Best Sales Book of 2013

December 28, 2012 | 
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Matthew Bellows and Daniel Pink

Matthew Bellows (left) eagerly volunteers to learn more from Daniel Pink (not pictured).


By Matthew Bellows, CEO at Yesware

Although he doesn’t know it, Daniel Pink has been a big influence on Yesware.

He wrote an influential article for The Telegraph about companies that don’t pay their salespeople commission. That article inspired me to think more deeply about the way we compensate salespeople, and to interview Dan about the same topic when his previous book Drive came out.

 So I was excited to hear him speak at the Business of Software conference. When he announced his topic (“To Sell is Human”), I got all fanboy. And when asked for volunteers, I jumped right up. Here’s the clip. Yes, I was the “eager dude in the back… that’s always dangerous” (see it at 28:03).

And now that I read an advance copy of his book, I’m officially on the Dan Pink bandwagon.

Throughout To Sell Is Human, Dan examines the changing nature of sales from a discrete role in a company to a function that almost everyone does. He shows how the spread of information is changing attitudes and tactics that successful salespeople use (a topic I wrote about for Inc.com). In the second half of his book, Dan translates the latest academic research on communication and relationships to uncover effective tactics for salespeople.

Dan is a perceptive, thorough reporter from the intersection of psychology and commerce. He’s a clear, funny, gifted writer. And Dan Pink is clearly ahead of his time, because he’s already written the Best Sales Book of 2013.

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