Selling with Social CRM


By Bradford Shimp, Batchbook

If there is a conflict between salespeople and CRM software, it is likely because of a little devil called data entry. No one wants to fill out paperwork, and if a CRM is just about collecting data, it is a tough sell to sales reps. But with new tools like social CRM, it is time for a truce.

Having pounded the pavement myself for a few years, I understand the hesitance amongst salespeople to use a CRM. It’s not because those of you in sales aren’t team players or because you are trying to avoid work. The fact is, sales is a highly personal pursuit, all about building good relationships and walking people through the steps of the sale. Having to stop and take notes about every conversation can be highly disruptive and it may actually hurt your sales effectiveness.

At the same time, collecting customer data and “taking notes” is extremely important. Keeping good records and seeing a history of a customer relationship all in one place can improve sales and customer satisfaction.

So how do we resolve the divide between what we want and what we need? What we’re seeking is a solution that allows you to maintain the human touch, while making it dead simple to collect vital customer information. That is where a new breed of customer relationship management software, called social CRM, comes in.

Social CRM solutions, such as Batchbook, put more focus on customer interactions. This includes social media, which is growing in importance for sales reps, as well as more traditional forms of communication such as phone calls and emails, which is where Yesware comes in.

Email likely makes up the majority of your customer communications. With all the back and forth, it can be time consuming to record important information from multiple conversations. With social CRM, you can easily capture email threads and record them into your customer database as a conversation history.

By automatically collecting this conversation history, you can collect a ton of customer data that is not just useful to you as a salesperson, but also to everyone else on your team—from the folks who are filling orders to those in customer service.

The best part is, you don’t have to interrupt your own workflow to do this. You can use tools like Yesware to streamline your email communications (with cool features like tracking, templates, and pipeline management) and Batchbook to record the emails and create new contacts based on email header info. You can select which emails to record to Batchbook by clicking the handy CRM button in Yesware.

Technology can be a sales person’s best friend. A social CRM can help you build relationships with customers. When needed, any team member can take a look at a history of communications, important customer details, and current information about a customer, like what they are talking about on Twitter.

No more excuses. Let technology do what it does best: In this case streamlining the process of data entry for important customer communications. Social CRM is a tool that can really help you in sales by collecting important information and making it available to you when you need it. This helps you do what you do best, talking to the right people and providing the human touch that gets the sale for your business.

Bradford Shimp works at Batchbook, a social CRM built for small businesses. 

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