Yesware’s Salesforce integration goes deeper than your emails –- we let you sync your newly created Google calendar events (and event updates) directly into Salesforce within a matter of minutes!

When creating new events in your Google Calendar, just choose the correct contact/lead and account/opportunity to associate with the meeting, and we’ll automatically add the activity in Salesforce for you.

Calendar Sync_Gmail

If the user does not manually select the Contact or Lead, Yesware will sync the meeting request with the account in Salesforce associated with first email address listed in the “To:” field of the calendar invite.

Any edits made to a synced calendar event in Google will be automatically reflected in Salesforce as well, saving you an additional step when updating calendar events.

You can easily enable the Yesware calendar sync by visiting the Salesforce settings page in your Yesware account. Under Enable/Disable Features, enable the Yesware calendar sync. You can disable Yesware calendar sync at any time by returning to this page and clicking ‘Disable’.

To synchronize events from Google calendar to Salesforce, you must have the latest version of the Yesware extension installed, with all permissions enabled.

To synchronize events from Salesforce to Google calendar, your Salesforce administrator must install the latest version of the Yesware Salesforce package.

If you have any questions regarding the Calendar Sync feature, feel free to submit a request through our Help Center.