Send Later allows you to schedule emails to be sent at a later date and/or time and allows you to specify the recipient’s time zone. It’s  a great tool for drafting an email right after a meeting or introduction when discussions and details are fresh in your mind.

Here’s what happens, and why it’s super helpful:

    • Write emails when convenient for you; we’ll schedule to send at your desired time
    • Connect with prospects when they’re most likely to engage
    • Put your outreach on autopilot

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Below is a quick overview video (you can also continue reading for step-by-step directions):


How Send Later Works

To use Send Later, simply draft an email and click the green Send Later button at the bottom of the Gmail compose window to select a time and date.

Send Later_Scheduling Message

After you select your date and hit Confirm, the blue Send button will disappear.  To save your email to be sent later, simply click “Send Later on Date/Time”.

Send Later_Scheduled

Once you create your scheduled email, it will be saved to the Scheduled section of the Events Dashboard in Gmail.  If you’d like to edit the date or time, you may do so from the Events Dashboard.

Send Later_Event Dashboard

If you’d like to cancel the scheduled email, simply locate the message in the Scheduled section of the Events Dashboard or Draft folder in Gmail.  From there, click on “unschedule”.  If you’d like to modify the scheduled send time, you can also make the changes on the Events Dashboard or Draft folder.

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