Yesware and Salesforce
Our integration with Salesforce allows salespeople to worry less about entering data and focus more on selling. We sync your email and calendar activity automatically so that you no longer need to manually input your messages into Salesforce. Now imagine if you can compile this data into informative reports to help forecast your sales and keep your pipeline activities accurate.

Forecast Better
Email has become an essential part of the sales process. For many salespeople, it is the majority of their communication with different prospects. Having all this activity synced automatically into Salesforce ultimately gives you insight when analyzing opportunities.


You can also monitor how many meetings your sales representatives have scheduled through our calendar sync to evaluate your opportunities.


Keep Salesforce Accurate
Using Yesware data to build out Salesforce reports and dashboards will provide more visibility to your sales organization. By syncing your Gmail activity into Yesware, you now can trust the information in Salesforce and understand where your sales team is focusing their energy.


An alternative dashboard you can use is tracking the email activity by a sales representative. With Yesware syncing with your Salesforce, you are now getting reliable information on correlating the email activity of a salesperson and their level of success.


Customize To Your Needs
After you walked through a few of these examples, you may have some of your own ideas. To begin, you should know how we sync activities in Salesforce so that you will understand how to filter these activities. When we sync activities such as sent messages (‘Message Sent’), replies (‘Reply’), opened messages (‘Message Opened’) and clicked links (‘Link Clicked in Message’) into your Salesforce, we use standard language in the subject line, so that you are able to filter them in reports. These are synced as closed activities.

When you click on one of these activities, you will see information captured in the Comments section. Below you will see in the Comments section for a Link Clicked activity, where we include the recipient, device, IP address, and location.


For synced calendar events, we include “[events synced]” in the comments section. This will allow you to filter activities to include this information in reports. Calendar events are synced as open activities.

Now you are ready to not only have Yesware sync your data into Salesforce but use data to help forecast your opportunities and gain insight into your sales organization.

Have a question that wasn’t covered in any of the above? Feel free to view our FAQ and submit a question through our Help Center. We’re here to help and we’d love to hear from you!