Welcome to Yesware for Outlook! To help you get the most out of all our features, we’ve pooled together links to some of our most handy tips and how-to guides.

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Getting Started

How to install Yesware– Learn the basics of how to install the Yesware add-in for Outlook.

Email Tracking and Analytics

Email Tracking 101– Learn how Yesware tracks emails, links and attachments, so you always know what happens after you click send.

Presentation Tracking– Yesware’s presentation tracking feature gives you valuable insight into how engaged your audience is with your presentation content.

Analytics and Reports– A complete guide to the information you’ll find in your Yesware Tracking Report, Activity Report, and Template Reply Report.

Time Saving Tools

Click-To-Call– With Yesware’s Click to Call feature, you can place calls from your inbox with just one click. The call and discussion notes automatically sync to Salesforce.

Email Templates– Templates are messages that you’ve saved to your Yesware account that you can use for future emails. Learn how to use templates so you can send rich, complete emails in a fraction of the time it would take to draft that message each time you needed it.

Mail Merge Mail Merge lets you quickly send personalized emails to up to 200 people at once using your Outlook account so that you can reply directly from within Outlook. A great blog post on the functionality lives here.

Salesforce Integration 

Salesforce Sync + Sidebar– Yesware’s sync to Salesforce feature automatically captures activity data on every email sent, opened, attachment download, and replies to the correct Salesforce record. The Salesforce Sidebar in your Outlook inbox shows you recent contact activity and allows you to create new Salesforce tasks, right in your inbox.

More Information

FAQs– Answers to common questions regarding Yesware for Outlook.

Yesware for Outlook is compatible with the fully-up-to-date versions of Windows 7 or later with Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, or Outlook 2016. Outlook support is not available for the Mac OS yet. Yesware for Outlook is compatible with any mail server type – Exchange, Office 365, and Gmail (using Outlook as an email client) are supported.

Have a question that wasn’t covered in any of the above? Feel free to view our FAQ and submit a question through our Help Center. We’re here to help and we’d love to hear from you!