July Product Updates


You’re going to love the improvements we made to Yesware this past month, and we’re so excited to share them with you. Without further ado, here are your July updates. Enjoy!

Live: Recipient View in Campaigns


Your reputation is everything. And personalized communication is the key to securing it. 

That’s why we’ve breathed even more personalization into the Campaigns experience with a new Recipient View that allows you to drill down into each individual recipient and visualize where they are and how they’re engaging with your campaign. From this view, you can also personalize each message to add the authenticity necessary to make a real human connection.

Live: Drag-and-Drop Images in Templates

Instead of needing to host your images publicly, you can now upload or drag-and-drop images directly from your computer into your next template. Just save the image to your computer before uploading/dragging-and – dropping and you’re good to go. Your image or GIF will be included in that template for all recipients to see.

Live: Custom Sort

You can now re-organize your Team and Personal folders in your sidebar as well as drag-and-drop Templates within each folder in order to create the specific template sequence that makes sense for you. When you click out of the modal, your customer sort order will be saved for next time. Your Yesware setup should feel personal and customized to the person who matters most – you.

Moveable and Resizable Modals

Your modals are on the move! All Yesware modals (pop-up windows) are now moveable and resizable – giving you the flexibility to customize the look and feel of Yesware within your inbox. Check it out!

In-Product Notification

Keep your eyes peeled for a new Product Update notification feed that will live right in your inbox. When a new feature hits Yesware or a critical bug is fixed, you’ll be immediately notified. We won’t bombard you, but we think this will be a quicker and more accessible way to keep you up-to-date while staying where you need to be – in the zone.

Next Week: Email Activity Report


Our customers have spoken, and you want your data democratized. Instead of team leaders having exclusive access to team performance metrics, all team members should be able to view team stats. The Email Activity Report gives you the ability to view email performance metrics for both you and your team(s) and sort by reporting period, team, and metric, allowing your team to share information more easily and improve together.

Next Week: New Templates Report – By User


Sales is a team sport, and where one salesperson succeeds – everyone succeeds. That’s why we think you’ll love the all-new Templates Report ‘By User’ view. The report breaks down template usage by individual user, so sales leaders can guide their team strategy. With a personal summary view at the top, individual team members can view their performance metrics and see how their own performance compares to their team(s).

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