June Product Updates

In our quest to make sure you never feel like a robot, a spammer, or – worse – a sales bro, your Yesware inbox is getting even more personal. With Recipient-Specific Views in Campaigns, and  brand-new Template and Email Activity Reports coming down the pipeline, your recipients are going to understand that your goal is not to ‘spray and pray’ – it’s to make a real human connection and build a lasting business relationship with them specifically. That’s the Yesware difference.

Rolling Out Next Week: Recipient View in Campaigns


Your reputation is everything. And personalized communication is the key to securing it. 

That’s why we’ve breathed even more personalization into the Campaigns experience with a new Recipient View. 

The Recipient View allows you to drill-down by recipient to view the campaign from the recipient’s perspective (i.e., what content/engagement they’ve already received and what’s up next for them). You can also personalize each touch for that specific recipient to keep things less spammy and more authentic. 

You’re not a robot and we refuse to let your emails feel robotic. We hope you take advantage of Recipient View to build real relationships with the right people even faster.

Rolling Out Next Week: In-Product Notification Feed

Keep your eyes peeled next week for a new Product Update notification feed that will live right in your inbox. When a new feature hits Yesware or a critical bug is fixed, you’ll be immediately notified. We won’t bombard you, but we think this will be a quicker and more accessible way to keep you up-to-date while staying where you need to be – in the zone.

Coming Soon: New Templates Report


Sales is a team sport, and where one salesperson succeeds – everyone succeeds. That’s why we think you’ll love the all-new Templates Report ‘By User’ view. The report breaks down template usage by individual user, so sales leaders can guide their team strategy and individual team members can see how their colleagues work – and how their own performance stacks up.

Coming Soon: Email Activity Report


Our customers have spoken, and you want your data democratized. Instead of team leaders having exclusive access to team performance metrics, all team members will be able to view team performance stats to learn from one another and improve together. 

The Email Activity Report delivers on this request ten-fold. Not only does it give team leaders an easy-to-read view of team tracking performance, but allows all team members to view the email activity (including Sends, Open %, and Reply %) of the other members of their team(s). This information can be easily sorted and reporting periods can be specified for more deliberate searching. 

With the new Email Activity Report, the data will be in your hands to help you make real connections even faster.

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