May Product Updates

Exciting news!

This month, Yesware got a serious makeover with a redesign to the Templates interface. We also introduced a more streamlined, intuitive workflow to Campaigns to guide you seamlessly through your next sales power hour.

Yep, Yesware is looking as good as your poolside mojito from last weekend. And with the 10 hours/week our customer save using Yesware – you’ll be able to enjoy a lot more of them this summer.

All New Template Experience

Templates got a makeover! Rolling out this week, the new Templates experience will enable you to more easily create, edit, and share templates. Take control of your workflow with the updates below and stay tuned for more to come on this exciting release.

Updates include:

  • Enhanced ease of use with an intuitive and sleek design
  • Insights at your fingertips with accessible and sortable performance metrics
  • Sidebar for easy template access and organization
  • Dropdown menus to insert Salesforce and customer dynamic fields for increased personalization
  • Template attachments, and more!

Now Live: ‘Add Recipients’ Workflow in Campaigns

Enjoy a cleaner, more streamlined workflow for adding recipients and editing Campaigns. On-the-fly personalization and a clearer UX deliver the transparency you need to build more genuine relationships, faster.

Coming Soon: Recipient View in Campaigns


Your reputation is everything. And personalized communication is the key to securing it.

That’s why we’ve breathed even more personalization into the Campaigns experience with a new Recipient View.

The recipient view allows you to drill-down by recipient to see the campaign from the recipient’s perspective (i.e., what content/engagement they’ve already received and what’s up next for them). You can also personalize each touch for that specific recipient to keep things authentic.

You’re not a robot and we refuse to let your emails feel robotic. We look forward to sharing Recipient View with you soon!

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