Right about now (after you refresh Gmail) about half of you Yesware users will see a brand new Yesware feature that we’re calling Prospects. It shows up as a new tab on the right side of your Gmail screen.

 What does it do? Give it a click to find out! Here’s what you’ll see:

It’s a floating reminder of all the deals you are working on, all the deals you’ve closed, and yes, even the ones you’ve lost.

To use it… well, it should be pretty self explanatory. Enter a Prospect Name and an amount, then click “Add.”

Once you’ve added Prospects, selecting them lets you call them “Won” or “Lost.” That moves the deal to the right category and adds the deal total to the overall category total.

Why do this feature? Was there an overwhelming call for this feature from our users? Actually, no, there wasn’t. But remembering a list of prospects to work on is something that every salesperson does all day every single day. We thought that it should be built right into where you most need the information – your email. Every salesperson also likes to track how much business they’ve closed… it makes us feel good in those occasional dark moments of self doubt. Every sales person would also benefit from thinking harder about what deals they lost and why. But we don’t have any encouragement to track Deals Lost in any normal easily accessible way. Once they are out of our task list, lost deals are shockingly easy to forget – and that’s counterproductive. So we put them right in the Prospects feature.

There are umpteen feature enhancements and expansions for Prospects. We’re thinking about a bunch of them and working on a few. But before we get into them, please let us know what you think about this first start. Please send us an email to support@yesware.com with the words “Prospect Feature” in the subject line. Thanks in advance and looking forward to hearing your feedback!

P.S. You might ask why only half of you have access to Prospects. We want to try it out with a subset of Yesware users before rolling it out to everyone, so we can find bugs and hear some feedback. But if you want the feature and you don’t have it now, make some noise by emailing support@yesware.com with the words “Prospect Feature” in the subject line. And thanks.

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