One Mighty Roar Used Yesware to Friend Facebook

November 30, 2012 | 
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Meet Our Rainmaker of the Month: Chandler Quintin of One Mighty Roar

Chandler Quintin

Chandler Quintin wants to be more than friends with Facebook. As Partner and Director of Accounts at a boutique Boston digital media & events experience firm One Mighty Roar, Chandler is pursuing the social network as a client. And his trusted partner is Yesware.

“For a startup like us, getting a meeting with Facebook is a huge moment,” he told me when we met earlier this month to chat about his approach to closing deals. “I say that what led to us being in that meeting with the Facebook rep was the Chain of Yesware.”

Chandler, who besides being an entrepreneur, executive at OMR also teaches MBA level Entrepreneurship and digital marketing, needs proven sales tools that get results. He heard of Yesware last year when the team hired their first salesperson. “I didn’t realize how insightful it would be until we started actually using it to capture leads and we were landing more jobs.”

But it’s not just about booking an event. That fateful first meeting with Facebook actually started as a cold email Chandler sent to an agency in Boston to introduce himself. “After I saw that my prospect opened my email a couple of times, I decided to reach out to him on Twitter. We ended up connecting, having a great dinner, and starting to check in regularly. “

About a year into their friendship, his friend introduced Chandler to one of his clients who has a product that complements one of OMR’s offerings. A collaboration ensued, and since this client already had Facebook on their roster, OMR saw an opportunity to reach out. They crafted an intro together and sent out the email. Using tracking, Chandler noticed that his email was being opened multiple times, at different Facebook locations. “I calculated a good follow-up time and was able to get a demo meeting with Facebook.”

While OMR is waiting to hear back from Zuckerberg Inc., they’re hard at work on other projects and note that they use Yesware as a project management tool as well. Whether they’re bidding on a project, sending deliverables, or ensuring that they’re adhering to a schedule, Chandler and team use Yesware’s popular email tracking feature as a project management tool.

“We used Yesware to bid on, manage and close the Essence Music Festival. That project had a seven-month lead time before we signed a contract, so you can imagine the intricacies involved,” he says. “Once that project kicked off we continued to use Yesware religiously to make sure that every deliverable was being looked at accordingly. So if someone didn’t open up their deliverable due Friday, I’d remember that by end of day Friday I should send them a reminder to please open the deliverable.’ Yesware carried us through the project, the follow-ups, the analytics.”

The event went off without a hitch and Essence was so happy with Chandler’s team that they’ve already met with OMR to discuss the 2013 festival plans.

Speaking of 2013, OMR has big plans for the coming year. First, there’s a big move from Cambridge to downtown Boston. And it’s for a great reason: the startup is growing. Having started with four people, OMR expanded to eight and now they’ve hired a handful more. For the self-funded team, reaching this level of growth is a huge milestone. “We’re really excited to expand our team,” says Chandler.

As to the rest of his plans, he smiles, noting that “we’re working on some really big clients,” Facebook potentially among them. “We’re looking forward to being smarter in how we communicate to achieve those goals. We’re leveraging our technology and using tools like Yesware has given us an edge.”

Chandler explains that for his sales team, and even for him, it’s been a good gauge of confidence—and a test of whether people connect with his product. “When you’re sending out proposals and you don’t hear back, 9 times out of 10, it’s a negative thing. But sometimes you’re not hearing back because the person works at Facebook and they’re busy because they get thousands of emails a day. So if you see that they’re opening your emails multiple times, you know that there’s an interest there. So you use Yesware and your intuition and you go forward.”

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