For the past two weeks, team Yesware has been working hard to roll out improved reminder functionality by separating reminders from tracking. Previously, in order to set a reminder, you had to track the email. Now, you can also be reminded to follow up on emails you didn’t care to track.

Keep in mind: Because these emails are not tracked, Yesware can’t tell you if messages were opened or not. Reminders with no tracking appear like the image below.

As before, reminders with tracking enabled will show tracking info.

Keep Track of Templates, CRM sync

We’re also excited to roll out enhancements to the Yesware dashboard that provide increased visibility into how you’re using Yesware in your inbox. Before, only tracked emails would appear on the dashboard. Now, you can also see untracked emails that include templates and those that have been sent to CRM.

Additional Updates

– We’ve changed the way our notifications look for latest version of Chrome.

– Several customers have asked about account-wide policies (e.g. always send all emails to CRM).  If you want to incorporate an account-wide policy for your company, please email your request to Support and we’ll be happy to talk about your requirements.

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