This morning we released a whole raft of new features. Some of these were flashes of insight and then quickly implemented. Some we’ve been thinking about since the very earliest days of Yesware. As with anything we do, please let us know what you think!

  1. ReplyRate ™ : For the longest time, people have been asking us for better ways to judge the effectiveness of sales templates. It would have been easy to associate Open Rates with templates and call that feature done, but none of us believed that Open Rate was a good measure of template quality. Your customers don’t open your email because of the template… they open it because of their email workflows, who you are, your subject line, and many other factors.

    What does indicate a good template (and a good email in general) is Reply Rate – how often does your email inspire someone to write you back. That’s what we are rolling out today.  You will see this feature in three places within Yesware.

    In Gmail: As of this morning, we started showing template reply rate next to each template in your library. Here’s how one of my template categories looks now.

    Each of those numbers is the percentage of replies to emails containing that template. If you mouse-over the number, you’ll get a similar explanation. This data should big a big help in determining which templates are best for you to use for prospecting, pipeline, qualifying and more. 

    In Personal Reports: All Yesware users have a new report now called “Template Reply Rate”, which lists all your templates with open and reply rates next to each. 

    In Team Tracking Reports: If you manage a team, you can now see the Reply Rate for each of your team members. Here’s how that report looks.

    Now I can easily look down the list and see who is great at getting replies. Judging by these stats, I’ve got a thing or two to learn from Rui…

    You will also notice the Return of Hotness as a measure of email effectiveness. We’ll have a blog post soon on how the new version of Hotness works. 

  2. Contact Insights: Speaking of Rui, he literally hacked a demo of this feature together overnight. We showed it to several power users (cough Brad cough) and they loved it. The basic idea is to answer the question “Who is this person??” when someone sends you an email. The feature appears as a green box under the photo of the sender when you’re reading an email. If you mouse over it, here’s what you get:

    If the little green box doesn’t appear under a sender’s name, that means we don’t have data for that person. But we’re working on it!

    As you can see from the text on the bottom, everyone gets a 14 day free trial of this feature. After that it will only be available if you are a Yesware Plus subscriber.

  3. New Invites Mechanism: As you probably know, there are two ways to use the full version of Yesware. You can either subscribe to Yesware Plus, or you can spread the word about the service. This morning we rolled out a new invite mechanism that makes it easier to invite friends and colleagues, and it tracks how each of your invites are converting. Here’s how the invitation screen looks now:

    In the “Account” tab of your Yesware webpages, you’ll be able to see the list of invites you’ve sent, who has converted to become a user, and who you might want to re-invite. Now, you’ll get tracking event credit for users who sign up with Yesware, not for just sending the invite. For those of you who were inviting non-existant email addresses or continually inviting the same user… those tricks don’t work any more. Fun while it lasted though right?!

  4. New Weekly Manager Email: Finally, today we are rolling out a new manager email with enhanced stats, better design and available in HTML instead of PDF. Here’s how it looks:

    I think you’ll agree that’s an improvement. Look for your first manager email this coming Sunday night.

Those are the highlights of this push. There’s a lot more under the hood, including a smarter way to track whether you opened your email or someone else in your office did. And there’s more to come. But for now, as always, please let us know what you think about Yesware in the comments below, or by emailing


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