If you’re in sales, you’re always looking for ways to shorten the length of your sales cycle. With new technologies and tons of info out there, sales strategies and tactics are constantly changing. In 2019, it can be hard to determine which approach to take to keep things moving as quickly as possible. 

Studies show that 61% of salespeople consider selling to be harder or much harder than it was 5 years ago. Here are some of our tips and tricks for making your selling easier and faster in 2019:

Be straight up from the get-go

We all know it’s tempting to soften the blow with the hope that it will boost your chances of a faster sales cycle. But this ends up coming back to bite you.

Data shows that 50% of your prospects are not a good fit for what you sell, so be transparent right off the bat. Directly tell them what they will and won’t get from your product or service, how it will benefit them, and how much it will cost. Address any objections from the beginning. This not only builds trust with your prospect but saves you time pursuing opportunities that weren’t a fit from the beginning. 

Stay on top of your speed of response time

When asking our Head of Sales here at Yesware, Ian Adams, what some of his top tips are for shortening the length of your sales cycle, his immediate response was the speed of response time.

Adams states: “From the time the lead comes in, follow up as fast as possible- ideally within 5 minutes, and maintain that sense of urgency throughout the sales cycle.” Ultimately, the faster you get back to them with answers, the faster they’re able to make a decision.

Lead Response Management conducted a study that shows just how powerful this 5-minute rule can be. They found that the odds of contacting a lead if called in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drop 100 times & the odds of qualifying a lead if called in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drop 21 times.

Map out the process to your prospect

Remember – you’re the expert, they’re not. Map out the process to your potential customer and offer guidance. Guide them through the buying process by identifying the next steps, addressing possible obstacles, and offering suggestions.

If you’re transparent with them about the whole process, you’re much more likely to convert them to a customer. You know the sales process and steps to come, make sure they’re aware of them too.

Book your next meeting efficiently

Many sales reps waste time going back-and-forth trying to schedule that next meeting. Don’t waste your time doing this and shorten the length of your sales cycle with some of these time-saving tips.

One tactic is making it a goal to schedule your next meeting at the end of your prior conversation, this sense of urgency can help you move through the process quicker. Another way to speed up the process is by using features such as Yesware’s Book a Time. With this feature, you take control of the scheduling process by integrating your calendar into your inbox and sending your recipient an easy-to-schedule selection of times.

Make information accessible to your buyers

Our Head of Sales also believes this tip is fundamental in shortening the length of your sales cycle.

If it’s easier for buyers to get their questions answered and understand the value, they’ll be much further down the sales cycle by the time they talk to you, which ultimately speeds up the process. If your marketing team can get clear and concise information available to your audience about your product or service, this allows your prospect to be a step ahead before the process begins. 

Make the signing process as easy as possible

In the digital world we live in today – signing on a physical sheet of paper is a thing of the past. Waiting around for your prospect to print, sign, scan, and send – is a waste of time.

This will increase the length of your sales cycle and waste yours and your possible customer’s time. Avoid this hassle and take advantage of electronic documents. Here at Yesware, we use Hello Sign, which allows our customers to electronically sign our documents.


These tips are guaranteed to shorten the length of your sales cycle. Sales is constantly changing so it’s important to stay on top of fresh tactics and continue updating your old ones. 

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