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Getting a great job out of college is hard. Most students think that a high GPA, a few internships under the belt and interesting hobbies they can highlight will get them through the door. It’s true that those are worthwhile elements employers look for and you’ll likely get an interview. But the ones that actually get hired go above and beyond the standard formula for career success especially if they’re looking for a startup job.

Here’s 5 tips for you to be successful:

1.    Do the research.  If you’re looking to get hired at a startup research the city you’re most excited about going to. Boston, New York and San Francisco are regarded as the best communities in the nation but there are several others that you can choose from.
2.    Get out there. Once you’ve narrowed down your geographic location start attending events and meeting entrepreneurs. Always keep an open mind and a friendly smile. Bring business cards and follow up with everyone you meet with a succinct email explaining your intentions. That alone will differentiate you from your peers.
3.    Go where the money is. All startups are not created equal. Many chose difficult markets, have poor performing teams or just plain suck. A good way to filter out the best ones is researching on sites like Crunchbase and staying in the know on funding announcements. If a team just raised a Series B for $15 million dollars you can bet your career they’ll be hiring.
4.    Pick a lead list and use Yesware. In any role you pursue you should treat this process as a sales opportunity. You must make a clear value proposition, overcome objections and negotiate a fair offering. This is where using our Plus service to see who’s reading your emails and which messages are most effective will come incredibly useful. (Install it free here)
5.    Be Genuine. Only choose the companies you actually want to join. Don’t waste anyone’s time interviewing at places that don’t excite you. When you go in for an interview (no matter how formal) you should always try the product, read the blog and research the people you’re meeting.

If you follow those steps and target your approach to companies you’re genuinely interested in you’re bound to succeed.

Yesware is also hiring Inside Sales Reps and Ruby developers. If you’re ready to put this to the test then apply to join our team!

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