How Can I Use Yesware to Increase My Daily Productivity?

As an Account Executive, it’s not easy to keep all of your information about deals straight. You might find yourself forgetting to follow-up with an important contact, or spending hours updating Salesforce.

Luckily, the Yesware sales toolkit was created to help you close more more deals, faster, and succeed in your role.


Want to Stop Forgetting to Follow Up with Important Contacts?

Want to Create, View, and Edit Salesforce Records Directly from Gmail?


Want to Spend More Time Selling and Less Time Updating your CRM?



Want to Know What Happens to your Email After You Hit Send?




For More Feature Specific Information

Reminders: Set it and don’t forget it. Schedule Reminders to follow up on both important emails that are waiting on a reply, or that you want to deal with later.

Salesforce Sync and Sidebar: Yesware’s sync to Salesforce feature automatically captures activity data on every email sent, opened, link click, attachment download, replies, and scheduled calendar events to the correct Salesforce record. The Salesforce Sidebar in your gmail inbox shows you recent contact activity and allows you to create new Salesforce tasks, right in your inbox.

Tracking: Learn how Yesware tracks emails, links and attachments, so you always know what happens after you click send.

 Hope these videos were helpful!