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“The sheer volume of email we receive is overwhelming,” said Ben Sardella, VP of Sales at Kissmetrics, and also an advisor to Yesware. “We need to be able to respond to our customers and reach targets in a personal, customized way, whether they are a major, public company or a startup.  Yesware’s template system immediately helped us. It easily saves me a couple of hours a day from cutting, pasting and rewriting emails. I’m also a heavy user of Yesware’s management features. I can provide our new reps and outsourced salespeople with Yesware so I’m sure they are using the right language with customers and prospects.  Being an analytics company, obviously the tracking feature is critical to us. Yesware gives us unprecedented insights into how our emails are resonating with our customers.  In the future, I’m looking forward to the mobile app – responding to customers from the road with just a few clicks will help us improve our response times – and I know that helps close a sale.”

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