“One of our big challenges is managing hundreds of relationships while making our emails personal to each prospect and customer,” said Ryan Reisert, Partner and Head of Sales at The Lions.  “The beauty of Yesware is that it lives within Gmail, with an interface that very clearly matches each step we take in our sales process.  We’re realizing big time savings both with Yesware’s customized templates and CRM integration.  I’ve already been able to gain insight from Yesware’s Analytics, seeing which of my prospects have opened and read my emails, so I have a better understanding of what’s working and what’s not in terms of email communications.  The fact is that long-term sale success is not all about measuring the number of sales closed. It’s about getting more insight into message timing and what messages work, so you can constantly improve your sales process.  Yesware gives our team those insights. We’re excited to see Yesware’s next features, like additional analytics, mobile support and deep CRM integration. But if you are on Gmail, Yesware is already a must-have tool for sales efficiency and effectiveness.”

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