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Boomtrain Uses Targeted Mail Merge Campaigns To Drive 35% Growth

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We are a personalization company, so the ability to both hyper-personalize and automate our own outreach efforts, at scale, is one of our most valuable assets. Yesware allows us to do so gracefully.

Lauren McCrea, Director of Marketing & Partnerships


Boomtrain is a personalized marketing platform that uses advanced machine learning and predictive algorithms to deliver relevant customer communications.


In 2014, San Francisco-based Boomtrain was left for dead

After burning through cash and failing to find an investor, the fledgling video discovery site became the poster child for “startup-gone-wrong.” A writer profiled the company in a book and widely-read Wired profile, which documented the founders’ struggles to keep their dream afloat. The author’s conclusion? Founding a startup is a waste of time that borders on tragic.

But that’s not how Boomtrain’s story really ends.

In an attempt to avoid shuttering completely, the company reinvented itself as a content recommendation engine. The move proved to be a smart one. With a new business model in place, Boomtrain’s founders managed to raise about $2 million — enough runway to support another shot at driving real revenue.


Cold emails: Boomtrain’s recipe for rapid growth

To make the most of their second chance, Growth team lead Lauren McCrea knew she needed to quickly turn Boomtrain’s outbound sales process into an efficient and repeatable blueprint for growth. “We became laser focused on outbound email as our primary source of business and driving revenue,” said McCrea. Boomtrain sales reps initially sent 150 cold emails per week, but soon found it wasn’t enough.

Growth stalled.

After searching for a solution that would allow the Boomtrain sales team to scale their prospecting efforts, Lauren decided to bring in Yesware for its mass mailing capabilities, comprehensive email analytics, ease of use, and affordability.


Better process, better insights, better results

Since installing Yesware, the Boomtrain sales team has noticed measurable improvements in rep productivity and efficiency. In particular, McCrea notes that reps can now send up to 4,000 personalized prospecting emails a week using Yesware’s Mail Merge functionality — a 26× increase. Boomtrain also uses Mail Merge to automate subsequent follow up emails.

“We are a personalization company, so the ability to both hyper-personalize and automate our own outreach efforts, at scale, is one of our most valuable assets,” explained McCrea. “Yesware allows us to do so gracefully.”

Not only is her team selling faster, they’re also selling smarter. By continually tracking email performance and using templates to A/B test different types of messaging, Boomtrain raised its average open rate to 68% and its reply rate to 48%.

Today, it’s clear that the startup’s second act is just getting started. Boomtrain has “seen 35 percent growth during the last six months,” according to McCrea. “A large part of which can be attributed to highly successful and targeted cold email campaigns sent using Yesware.”

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