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CloudLock Replaces Guessing Game with Yesware’s Real-Time Intelligence

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Waltham, MA
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February 2012

Before Yesware, we had no visibility — everything was anecdotal. Yesware allows us to be better as a sales organization by giving us the intelligence, the standardization that we need, and it’s very simple to use and integrate.

Tsahy Shapsa, Co-founder, VP Business Development & Alliances


CloudLock is a company that allows businesses to adopt cloud applications in a much safer way. Their mission: make cloud platforms even more secure than on-premise technologies. Because CloudLock’s tech spans so many different verticals, sales members are kept on their toes with maintaining efficiencies and streamlining prospecting efforts to each buyer persona.


Lack of sales tech leaches time from every level of the team

In early 2012, CloudLock was poised for success. With one round of funding under its belt and another about to land, the market for cybersecurity was huge. Gartner would soon release a report predicting that the personal cloud would replace the personal computer as the center of user’s digital lives by 2014.

CloudLock’s offering was on point. But it’s sales strategy wasn’t.

The sales team was writing and rewriting emails to many different verticals; they lacked reusable templates with fields to customize on the fly. Management resorted to canned reports to measure sales team performance — a process that was laborious, painful, and very opaque.


Tools like templates and tracking open a whole new world

When management bought into the idea of a sales automation tool, CloudLock vetted out the options and settled on Yesware.

Growth stalled.

CloudLock’s reps immediately dug into Yesware’s email tracking and templates as well as our Salesforce sync and sidebar. What they saw: an immediate time savings and more (and better-timed) touch points throughout the day. Reps gained complete insight into prospect behavior and managers reaped 100% transparency into their team’s performance, understanding each individual contributor’s status and how he or she could improve.

Yesware equipped CloudLock with an efficiency that the team had yearned for at every level.


Transparency remains true, four years later

Today, the CloudLock sales team continues to strive on Yesware’s time-saving tools, transparency into team input and output, and a Salesforce integration that allows them to rapidly create new contacts and edit pre-existing ones right from their inbox. No toggling between tools. And no re-writing emails. Yesware’s ease of use and intelligence are why CloudLock keeps coming back for more as its team grows year after year.

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