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Dyn Closes 26% More Business with Yesware’s Tools and Integrations

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June 2013


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Increase in Call Connect Rate

Yesware has helped us to drive dramatic increases in pipeline quality and deal velocity. It has been a crucial factor in our success as a sales team and as a company.

Josh Delisle, VP of Sales, North America


Dyn is a cloud-based internet performance brand that helps other companies monitor, control, and optimize their online infrastructure. Founded in 2001 at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, the company now has teams across the world and serves some of the biggest brands on the web, including Etsy, Twitter, and CNBC.


Lack of analytics prevents lead prioritization and hinders new growth

Back in 2013, the Dyn sales team had plenty of leads. But they had no way to prioritize them. All leads were treated equally, when, in fact, they weren’t. Because of this, individuals spent large chunks of their day blindly sweeping prospects with follow-up emails and phone calls.

Reps resorted to intuition and personally noting prospects’ replies and call outcomes to find any sort of pattern. Other than that, it was a complete guessing game about who would convert and when to reach out for optimal results.


Yesware Plugs in Seamlessly, Quickly Delivers the Whole Story

Dyn’s sales reps were the first to find Yesware. They downloaded the free trial and quickly brought it to management, showing how seamlessly it blended into their Gmail accounts. The plug-in and their email inbox feel like a single product. Reps could see email tracking notifications, update Salesforce, make calls to engaged leads, and access features like Templates, Mail Merge, Send Later, and Reminders all from their inbox.

Because Dyn’s individual contributors had such an enthusiasm for Yesware, it was an easy “yes” for management.

“Managers are often conflicted,” said Josh Delisle, VP Sales North America at the time of purchase. “They want accurate data from their reps, but they also want them to minimize manual data entry as much as possible. Yesware’s Salesforce integration removes data entry friction, meaning salespeople have more time to sell and our CRM data is more accurate than ever before.”


Ability to take leads’ temperatures closes more deals

Once implemented team-wide, managers also realized the benefit of Yesware’s offering for managers, like the weekly team report and others. Yesware strengthened the entire sales team by delivering each prospect’s story — something completely new to them. Reps could see when and where leads were engaging and prioritize follow-up accordingly.

This smarter prospecting led to a 30% increase in email reply rates and 32% higher call connections. More importantly, though, it drove 26% new sales growth. From a time savings standpoint, reps and managers could (and continue to) quickly check Salesforce to track down any account’s activity; emails, calls, and meetings are all live-synced there by Yesware. Reps can also easily edit a Salesforce record directly from their inboxes through Yesware’s Salesforce sidebar.

Today, Dyn’s sales team targets higher quality prospects than a few years ago with on-point emails and timely calls. The leads continue to come in, but now the closed deals do, too.

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