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Placester is a marketing platform for the real-estate industry. Before Yesware, they were in need of a tool to help close smaller accounts faster and smarter. Because their first touch is often to a decision-maker or CEO, they needed automated personalized lead nurturing while also removing manual processes like data entry to CRM.





Placester’s sales team first heard of Yesware through word-of-mouth referral. Post-demo, they chose Yesware for its straightforward interface, product intuitiveness, and promise to get the team up and running quickly. The Placester team especially liked that the tool worked right out of the gate and that it lives within their inbox.





  • Find a reliable  tool with a speedy on-boarding experience


  • Develop highly personalized lead nurturing


  • Save time re-writing the same content





  • 31% Opp-to-Won Conversion Rate


  • 80 Templates/User/Month


  • 5m Phone Response Time




The onboarding experience was awesome! Everyone had tracking set up within one hour and were fully trained in a few days. The team really, really enjoyed the experience of receiving a new tool and it running smoothly for them immediately. Yesware keeps [our team] organized and lets them multi-task by offloading things to autopilot.”



Emily Radkowski

Emily Radkowski

Senior Manager, Sales Enablement

Emily Radkowski