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Taylor & Hart is a direct to consumer brand specializing in custom-designed engagement rings. As each customer relationship is highly personal, just like that of a traditional jeweler, Taylor & Hart were looking for a way to manage a large and growing number of daily customer inquiries, while maintaining a very personal and responsive communication line.





The Taylor & Hart team found Yesware in 2015. While at first, Yesware looked like it was not designed for a B2C business, many of the features Taylor & Hart needed were standard off the shelf functionality in Yesware. The team found that Salesforce Sync automatically progresses customers through the sales process, Templates allow a consistent brand tone and hyper-personalized emails, and Campaigns enable the team to nurture and educate customers in a light-touch but highly automated way. These features allow Taylor & Hart to provide their customers with a highly personalized experience that is tailored to each individual customer.



  • Spend less time emailing


  • Increase sales conversion


  • Automate the sales process





  • 3x increase in sales volume per consultant


  • 1 in 3 customers who reply to an email go on to purchase


  • Average response time improved by 40%




Our goal is to take the personal relationships jewelers have always had with their clients, online. In doing so we’ve scaled up the number of people a consultant on our team can communicate with, while maintaining a 10x level of service. Yesware is the secret weapon other jewelers don’t have as it helps us remember every detail, respond quickly and with highly relevant and personalized content – and often the consultant doesn’t even know they’re emailing the customer – as we’ve automated over half the emails they send through Campaigns”



Nikolay Piriankov

Nikolay Piriankov


Nikolay Piriankov