Yesware for Outlook

Yesware for Outlook helps sales teams sell smarter right from their inboxes.

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Email Tracking

Know what happens after you click send

Know exactly when you’re top of mind with your recipient.

Tracking reports in your inbox show you who is opening your emails, where and from what device they’re clicking, and attachment tracking by page. So you can reach out when the timing is right.

Mail Merge for Outlook

Automate your outreach

No need to manually customize emails, one by one.

Yesware Mail Merge achieves the exact same personalization while saving you hours of time. Use custom fields and prewritten templates to craft the best message for every person on your list.

Salesforce Sync for Outlook

Trust your Salesforce Data

Toggling between tabs is so yesterday.

Automatically sync activity data on every email, attachment, and scheduled meeting to the correct Salesforce record. See up-to-date information on your contacts, leads, accounts and opportunities, without ever leaving your Outlook inbox.

Time-Saving Tools

Speed up your workflow

Get a shared library of email templates right at your fingertips in Outlook with Yesware Templates. Place calls from your inbox with one click and log them directly to Salesforce with Click-to-Call.

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