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Sales reports that you can act on

Email tracking reports

Get real-time alerts whenever an email is opened, clicked, and an attachment is viewed. So you know exactly when to follow up.

Sales team reports

Team reporting shows which reps messaging gets the highest opens and replies, and whose activities are bearing fruits.

Reliable Salesforce reports

Yesware automatically syncs your team’s emails, calls, or meetings to Salesforce in real-time, giving you complete and accurate data to guide your sales strategy.

Sales reports are just one part of Yesware’s productivity platform, a powerful set of tools that live in your inbox.

See email performance

Sales reps find out exactly when their emails are opened, on what device and from where links are clicked, and how long recipients are spending on each page of attachments.

Email Sales Report

Scale your team’s success

See which email templates get the most opens and replies, so you can share the best messaging with everyone on your team.

Team Template Report

Grow your revenue

Yesware’s API-level integration with Salesforce delivers insights sales leaders can act on. Identify red flags in the sales cycle, understand sales rep performance, and use trustworthy data to drive predictable sales processes.

Salesforce Reporting

For the first time ever, we can measure our sales output and understand the specific steps that lead to success. This allows us to create a consistent process that allows us to create accurate forecasts and drive predictable results, month after month.

Tim Bertrand, Acquia

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