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At a Glance

What they needed:

  • Understand which prospects are most receptive to Dyn’s offerings
  • Reduce number of call attempts required to connect with a prospect
  • Improve sales email messaging

What they did:

  • Unlocked data on email opens, link clicks, and attachment views using Yesware
  • Leveraged Yesware template data to improve email messaging
  • Improved Salesforce data quality through Yesware’s Salesforce sidebar and Gmail-Salesforce syncing

What they accomplished:

  • Increased Dyn’s overall call connection rate by 32%
  • Grew sales an additional 26% using Yesware data to prioritize prospects
  • Improved sales email response rate by over 30%
“Yesware has helped us to drive dramatic increases in pipeline quality and deal velocity. It has been a crucial factor in our success as a sales team and as a company.”
   -- Josh Delisle, VP of Sales, North America

Dyn Unlocks Data to Fuel Sales Acceleration


Dyn provides a suite of internet performance tools, including traffic management, message management and performance assurance. Incorporated in 2001 at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Dyn has over 300 employees spread across offices in Manchester, NH; Brighton, UK; Sydney, AUS; and San Francisco, CA. They currently service some of the biggest brands on the web, including Twitter, Tumblr, Netflix, Pandora, Zappos, and Box.

Looking for Insights

Dyn’s sales team was generating substantial lead volume, but struggled when it came to prioritizing leads. Sales reps had no way of knowing which prospects were reading their emails or viewing attachments, so reps spent a large portion of their day sending follow-up emails to cold leads. Lack of insight into lead interest also meant reps had minimal, largely anecdotal evidence as to which emails were driving deals forward at any given time. In addition, without data on email performance, reps had no way of knowing whether email messaging was effective, and therefore had no way to drive predictable sales results.

Similarly, Dyn’s sales team was spending hours a week trying to reach prospects on the phone, with little success reaching them. Prospects were often out of the office, in meetings or otherwise away from their phones when reps called. Without insight into when prospects were available, Dyn’s reps relied on luck to catch a prospect on the phone.

“Phone conversations are critical to moving a deal forward,” said Josh Delisle, Dyn’s Vice President of Sales, North America, “but we lacked any means to determine who to call or when to call them.”

Seamless Integration for Success

In search of a tool that would provide his team with sales email data, Delisle was excited when his reps told him about Yesware. A number of Dyn’s sales reps had discovered Yesware in the Google Apps Marketplace and were already using it to drive measurable improvements. Because Yesware integrates into the Google Apps that reps already use, reps quickly learned how Yesware would provide value without disrupting their normal workflow. From within the Gmail compose window, reps can access email templates, and opt-in to track email opens, link clicks, and attachments uploaded from Google Drive and elsewhere. When a prospect opens an email, clicks on a link, or opens an attachment, reps receive notifications at the top of their Gmail inbox or via Chrome Notifications.

“Yesware blends so seamlessly with Gmail that it feels like a single product,” said Kelly Lavoie, Senior Account Executive at Dyn, “I have everything I need to send emails, get Yesware event notifications, and also update Salesforce, all without leaving my Gmail inbox.”

Dyn sales reps also use Yesware to sync Gmail with another key sales tool: Salesforce. Yesware copies all sales email to Salesforce, so sales reps and managers can easily find information about sales deals within Salesforce. Yesware also syncs Google Calendar information and Google Contacts with Salesforce, and if reps needed to create or edit Salesforce records, they can do so right from Gmail using Yesware’s Salesforce sidebar.

“Managers are often conflicted -- they want accurate data from their reps, but they also want them to minimize manual data entry as much as possible,” said Delisle. “Yesware integrates Gmail and Salesforce to remove data entry friction, meaning salespeople have more time to sell and our Salesforce data is more accurate than ever before.”

Focused Outreach and Prioritization

With Yesware’s Salesforce integration and template data, managers and sales reps can review reps’ email communication and easily discover which messaging works or needs improvement. By using template data to enhance messaging, Dyn’s sales team has made substantial gains in overall prospect engagement and increased their sales email response rate more than 30%.

“Our job as sales leaders is to help our reps to become as effective as possible,” said Delisle. “Yesware gives both managers and reps the data we need to consistently discover opportunities for messaging improvement, while also providing us real data on messaging that has worked for other reps.”

Dyn’s sales team uses Yesware’s real-time email tracking to move deals forward. With each Yesware notification, sales reps find out when, where, and from what device a prospect opened an email, then select their follow-up strategy based on this information. For example, if a prospect opens an email from their office, a rep will follow up with a call to the prospect’s office line. In fact, sales reps that called a prospect immediately after being notified the prospect had opened an email, clicked a link, or opened an attachment reached that prospect on the phone 29% of the time, improving reps’ overall connected call rate by 32%.

“Thanks to Yesware’s data, I’ve substantially improved my email messaging and now see more Yesware events to drive my calls,” said Aimee Mosher, Account Manager. “In turn, these calls connect at a much higher rate, so I need fewer touches to schedule more meetings and close more deals.”

“Thanks to Yesware’s data, I’ve substantially improved my email messaging and now see more Yesware events to drive my calls. In turn, these calls connect at a much higher rate, so I need fewer touches to schedule more meetings and close more deals.”

After using Yesware for a few weeks, Delisle and his team quickly realized that the more engaged a prospect is with a sales email, the hotter the prospect. Recognizing this, Delisle’s team began using Yesware email data to identify the hottest deals in their pipeline and prioritize their prospecting efforts accordingly.

“Yesware event data helps us determine which prospects are more likely to buy,” said Delisle. “Focusing on these higher-quality accounts helps us accelerate our deal velocity rather than spinning our wheels on deals that are unlikely to close.”

With Yesware’s sales email data, Dyn has been able to target higher-quality prospects with better emails and more timely calls. While Dyn was a fast-growing company prior to adding Yesware, reps credit their use of Yesware to a 26% improvement in new sales growth.

“Yesware has helped us to drive dramatic increases in pipeline quality and deal velocity,” said Delisle. “It has been a crucial factor in our success as a sales team and as a company.”