Use Cases

One inbox tool for every sales approach

No matter your sales goals, Yesware makes hitting quota easier.

Outbound Sales

Put your outreach on auto-pilot with tailored Campaigns that send on their own.

Turn a list of target accounts into sales opportunities

Make prospecting a repeatable playbook with Campaigns

Personalize Campaigns with automated emails, calls and social touches

Elaiza Datar


“Being able to automate those touchpoints and still deliver that personal touch... speaks volumes to the value of Yesware.”

Inbound Sales

Follow up faster. Connect with more leads. Never forget to follow up.

Shorten inbound response times to < 5 minutes

Ensure all leads receive multiple touches before releasing

Use the best messaging optimize connect conversions with Templates

Kenny Cump


“Yesware streamlined my outreach approach... it’s simple and quick to contact inbound leads.”

Account Based Sales

Target and nurture the most engaged accounts.

Connect with target buyers across multiple channels (email, phone, social and custom touches)

Make it easy for hard to reach prospects to book meetings with you with Meeting Scheduler

Review engagement across accounts and focus where you can win

Sasha Wallace


“Yesware saves me massive amounts of time with being able to have consistent and proactive outreach to my clients to make sure I’m not missing any opportunities.”

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