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Send tracked attachments from your normal inbox workflow.

See who’s viewing your attachments and for how long.

Track attached files from Outlook or Gmail

Attach files you want to track directly from your compose window.

You can track PDFs, PPTs, DOCX, CSV, MP4 files, and more. Send white papers, sales brochures, buyers guides.

Attach your favorite collateral directly to Campaigns and Templates

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See when attachments are viewed and follow up smarter

View attachment opens from the Activity Feed in your inbox and use them to identify your warmest leads.

Focus your follow-up on your most engaged prospects and tailor based on whether they read your content. Go into every meeting armed with that knowledge.

Before sending, choose if recipients can download the files you share. Ask them to enter their name before viewing for even more precise tracking.

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Get in-depth insights with Presentation Reports

Presentation Reports provide detailed reporting on tracked PPTs and PDFs.

Page-by-page breakdowns help you find the most engaging pages in your presentation.

See who's viewing and average viewing time. Ask recipients to enter their name before viewing so you can keep track when they forward to colleagues.

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Find your most engaging content and how you can improve

Tracking attachment opens and views helps you find your most engaging sales content.

Use these insights to sharpen your content and increase your engagement.

Share the best content across your team.

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Yesware Attachment Tracking Tutorials

View product tutorials on how to use Attachment Tracking in both Outlook and Gmail below.

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Yesware 5 Star Reviews

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Yesware 5 Star Reviews

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Yesware 5 Star Reviews

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Yesware 5 Star Reviews

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Attachment Tracking for Teams

Find the sales content that works for your team and create a repeatable playbook.


Track team activity and measure customer engagement.


Identify what’s working to produce the best outcomes and results.


Create a repeatable sales process with your best messaging.


Scale performance across your entire team and continuously iterate.

Track your attachments to know what buyers care about

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