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Yesware reports on your daily activity, engagement data and outcomes to show you what’s working and accelerate results.

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Track emails, campaigns and content as you send it.

Identify winning content and repeatable processes.

Hit your daily activity goals

‘My Dashboard’ is your one-stop shop for viewing daily or weekly email performance.

Gain insights into how recipients engage with your emails and see week-by-week trends.

Use what you learn to find new ways to get better engagement (opens, replies, meetings booked).

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Give your most engaged leads targeted attention

Pinpoint your warmest leads with the Recipient Engagement report.

See who opened the most emails, clicked links and viewed attachments.

Find what interests them, and follow up with attention-grabbing, custom messages.

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See your highest-converting campaigns and templates

Use the Campaign and Template Reports to find your most effective, highest-converting campaigns and templates.

Uncover what’s working for your teammates. See open, reply and connect rates for all shared content.

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Connect Salesforce for native reporting dashboards

Integrate with Salesforce to automatically sync daily activity to Lead, Contact, Account and Opportunity records.

Download our managed package from the Appexchange for pre-built Salesforce Reporting for teams.

Analyze data by sales rep or by team and by day, week or month.

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Yesware Reporting & Analytics Tutorials

View product tutorials on how to use Reporting & Analytics in both Outlook and Gmail below.

What our customers are saying

Yesware 5 Star Reviews

“Yesware is an extreme time saver!”

Amber M.
Yesware 5 Star Reviews

“Yesware helped lift our outreach to another level.”

Sarah F.
Yesware 5 Star Reviews

“Brillant, huge time saver and love the insights.”

Donavan B.
Yesware 5 Star Reviews

“Yesware has provided sales insight on day to day activity.”

Kyle R.
Yesware 5 Star Reviews

“I love Yesware! It saves and makes me money!”

Dave K.
Yesware 5 Star Reviews

“If time is $, YesWare has made
me $$$$.”

Brandi A.

Reporting for Teams

Yesware gives you visibility into the whole sales process, so you can find ways for the team to be more productive.


Track team activity and measure customer engagement.


Identify what’s working to produce the best outcomes and results.


Create a repeatable sales process with your best messaging.


Scale performance across your entire team and continuously iterate.

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