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Stop doing admin work and boost your productivity by adding Salesforce to your Outlook or Gmail inbox.

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Yesware Salesforce Integration for Outlook
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Authenticate your Salesforce username and password.

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Save hours every day with Salesforce Sync

Yesware automatically syncs your email activity, calendar activity, Campaign activity and engagement data.

Sync email sends, email replies, calls, meetings and engagement like opens, link clicks, attachment views and bounces.

Turn on Background Sync to capture all activity on all devices, all the time. Mobile, tablet and desktop.

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Get Salesforce in your inbox

The Salesforce Sidebar puts contact’s recent activity right in your inbox.

Get insight into what they're interested in and craft outreach to match.

You can create or update Salesforce Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities or Tasks without switching apps.

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Work faster by adding Salesforce Leads or Contacts to Campaigns

Adding Salesforce Leads or Contacts directly to Yesware Campaigns takes just the click of a button.

You can add recipients to Campaigns one at a time or bulk import from Lead or Contact lists views.

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Find fresh insights with Salesforce Reporting

Combine your Yesware data with Salesforce’s robust reporting. Download our pre-built reporting dashboards for free from Salesforce’s Appexchange.

Slice and dice by key performance metrics.

Find new ways to improve your outreach and move deals toward closed-won.

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Yesware Salesforce Integration Tutorials

View product tutorials on how to use Salesforce Integration in both Outlook and Gmail below.

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Yesware 5 Star Reviews

“Yesware is an extreme time saver!”

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Yesware 5 Star Reviews

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Sarah F.
Yesware 5 Star Reviews

“Brillant, huge time saver and love the insights.”

Donavan B.
Yesware 5 Star Reviews

“Yesware has provided sales insight on day to day activity.”

Kyle R.
Yesware 5 Star Reviews

“I love Yesware! It saves and makes me money!”

Dave K.
Yesware 5 Star Reviews

“If time is $, YesWare has made
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Brandi A.

Salesforce Sync for Teams

Get instant visibility and make data driven decisions across your team.


Track team activity and measure customer engagement.


Identify what’s working to produce the best outcomes and results.


Create a repeatable sales process with your best messaging.


Scale performance across your entire team and continuously iterate.

Put your Salesforce data entry on auto-pilot

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Outlook Add-on

Compatible with Outlook Desktop 2016 or above, and Outlook on the Web with the latest version of Chrome, Edge, or Internet Explorer.

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Gmail Chrome Extension

Compatible with all G Suite accounts and accounts with the latest version of Google’s Chrome browser.

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