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At a Glance

What they needed:

  • An efficient email platform to improve collaboration across the team
  • Insights into sales email communications, to inform their sales process and uncover coaching opportunities
  • A powerful tool to reduce time spent writing sales emails and logging data to Salesforce

What they did:

  • Leveraged Yesware’s Gmail tracking feature to get data on email opens, link clicks, and attachment views to gain insights on which emails pushed deals forward
  • Synced emails, contacts, and calendar events, and tasks with Yesware’s Salesforce/Gmail syncing
  • Quickly updated Salesforce records from within Gmail using Yesware’s Salesforce Sidebar

What they accomplished:

  • Increased first year sales reps’ productivity by over 10 percent
  • Saved two hours per day, per rep in time spent manually typing emails and entering data into Salesforce
  • Comprehensive sales email data to uncover coaching opportunities in real-time
“Yesware and Gmail have helped us reap large productivity gains across our sales team, while also providing us with much better data to inform our sales processes. I can’t imagine running a sales team without them.”
-- Dominic Garabedian, VP of Sales at Mimeo

Fast-growing Mimeo saves 4,200 hours
per month using Yesware


Mimeo is an innovative online managed content distribution and printing provider. The company’s global footprint and cloud-based platform provides its customers with the simplest way to create, manage, and distribute the content and materials they rely on to do business. The company has offices in New York, NY; Newark, NJ; Memphis, TN; and Huntingdon, UK. Of Mimeo’s 700 employees, 105 are sales representatives.

Finding What They Need

As a data-driven sales leader, Dominic Garabedian, Mimeo’s Vice President of Sales, was growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of available insight into Mimeo’s sales email communications. While Mimeo’s sales reps were spending the majority of their day sending emails, they had very little data on all of this email interaction.

“If our reps didn’t get a reply,” said Dominic Garabedian, Mimeo’s Vice President of Sales, “they had no idea whether their prospect read the email and clicked a link, or if it went straight to the prospect’s spam folder. They would try using the same types of emails over and over again with no quantitative measure of whether their messages were effective,” Garabedian said.

Garabedian knew that it would be valuable for reps to know whether, when, and on which devices their prospecting emails were being opened. Similarly, Garabedian wanted to surface more information about what types of messaging worked with prospects and how he could coach reps to have more success with their sales emails.

At the same time, Garabedian’s sales reps were experiencing administrative inefficiencies at an individual level. With over 105 sales reps, these productivity losses added up quickly. Garabedian realized that his reps were spending a lot of time on manual tasks like re-writing or copying sales emails and updating Salesforce records.

“We needed a way to create consistent, measurable, and shareable email templates that would allow reps to continuously improve the effectiveness of their email communications,” said Garabedian.

Similarly, with reps manually entering data into Salesforce, managers were required to spend time checking in with reps to ensure that Salesforce was up-to-date. Mimeo’s sales team needed a way to eliminate the time reps and managers were wasting from this manual data-entry process.

Collaboration and Data to Drive Sales

Garabedian’s search for a tool that would provide insight into sales email and reduce administrative tasks ended when he found Yesware.

Mimeo’s sales reps gained immediate value from Yesware’s email tracking feature. Rather than sending emails into a black hole, Yesware’s Gmail dashboard provided reps with complete data on email opens, link clicks, and attachment views, giving them insight into who was interacting with their emails, as well as when and where prospects and customers were interacting with emails.

“Yesware’s Gmail dashboard allows our reps to stay productive in Gmail while leveraging real-time feedback on email opens, clicks, and viewed attachments to inform which steps to take next,” said Garabedian.

Yesware’s Gmail integration provides Mimeo’s reps with the ability to work entirely within the Gmail experience they already know. Right from Gmail’s compose window, reps can check a box to track an email and click a button to pull up their entire library of email templates, including data about each template’s effectiveness. When they need to email Google Docs or other attachments to prospects, Mimeo’s reps can upload them from Google Drive and use Yesware’s attachment tracking feature to determine if those documents are opened.

Both reps and managers use Yesware’s template conversion data to gain insights into which emails engage prospects and push deals forward. Leveraging this data across their team, Mimeo’s sales managers can find coaching opportunities, identify highly effective templates to share with reps, and uncover previously unknown information on Mimeo’s sales process.

“The sales data we get from Yesware is invaluable because it allows us to easily inspect the sales cycle in real-time. From that data, we can determine the likelihood and timing of deals closing and uncover specific coaching opportunities,” said Garabedian.

“The sales data we get from Yesware is invaluable because it allows us to easily inspect the sales cycle in real-time. From that data, we can determine the likelihood and timing of deals closing and uncover specific coaching opportunities.”

Using Yesware’s Salesforce integration, Mimeo’s reps can automatically sync their Gmail emails, contacts, and calendar events with Salesforce. If a new records needs to be created or changes to a record need to be made, Yesware’s Salesforce Sidebar allows reps to do that without leaving their Gmail inbox.

“Before Yesware, our reps constantly had to flip between their Gmail inboxes and Salesforce to make sure all of the right information got into Salesforce. This friction meant our sales team wasted a lot of time updating records and found it difficult to keep all of their Salesforce data up-to-date. The ability to use Yesware from within their Gmail inbox reduces Salesforce data entry friction, which means we get more of the necessary data into Salesforce,” said Garabedian.

More Hours Selling + Better Data = More Sales

Mimeo’s reps experienced immediate gains in productivity with Yesware’s templates feature and Salesforce integration. Using Yesware, Garabedian’s reps save an average of two hours per day, per rep, freeing up a combined 4,200 hours per month for Mimeo’s reps to focus on what they do best: selling.

Beyond saving time, Yesware allows Garabedian’s team to be more effective with each email. With Yesware’s template data, Mimeo’s sales team has made continuous improvements to their sales templates.

“Yesware’s template data, combined with the Yesware dashboard within Gmail, arms our reps with the right messaging and the real-time data they need to know who they should email, when they should send it, and which messaging will be most effective,” said Garabedian.

In addition, Mimeo’s data and efficiency gains using Yesware have led to a 10 percent increase in Mimeo’s first year sales reps’ productivity.

“Yesware and Gmail have helped us reap large productivity gains across our sales team while also providing us with much better data to inform our sales processes,” said Garabedian. “I can’t imagine running a sales team without them.”