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Phone dialer software that works where you work. Place calls, take notes, and log everything to Salesforce.

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The phone dialer that makes calls easy

Just sit back and click

Point to their number, click to dial, and we’ll set up the call for you. And you can type notes to save right from your inbox.

Everything in one place

Making a call requires multiple resources for different actions. Make it simple with a tool that brings it all into your email.

Pull numbers and push notes

Our deep integration with Salesforce cuts down on the time and effort it takes to call, letting you breeze through connections and log notes as a task.

Click-to-Call is just one part of Yesware’s prescriptive sales platform, a powerful set of tools that helps sales teams sell smarter.

Less effort, more productive

Coupled with Yesware’s Touchpoints, our sales-dialer helps reps move from email to call to CRM all from their inbox, and power through calls without toggling screens.

Phone Dialer Software

Place calls from your inbox with one click

Make an entire day’s worth of calls from inside Gmail, Outlook, or Salesforce — without ever touching a phone. Click-to-Call does the dialing for you, so you can quickly follow up on the fly.

Auto Dialer

Increase call connect rates

Calling prospects immediately after they open an email has been shown to increase call connection rates by 30%. Because when you have sales data and tools all in one place, you win.

Phone Dialer Online

Yesware makes my day-to-day job easy by eliminating the manual work I normally have to do.

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