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Email Tracking and Analytics

  • Email Tracking

    Know exactly which prospects are most interested in what you’re selling with tracking notifications.

    • Know who opens and clicks on your emails.
    • See whether they opened it on desktop or mobile.
    • Quickly check the status of each tracked message.

    Learn more about Email Tracking.

  • Email Templates

    Save and reuse the messages you find yourself writing again and again to maximize productivity and effectiveness.

    • Quickly create personalized email templates.
    • Incorporate links and rich text.
    • Access all your templates at the click of a button.

    Learn more about Email Templates.

  • Personal Reports & Analytics

    Make smarter decisions, faster, with detailed analytics on emails opens, replies, link clicks, and template response rates.

    • Understand what works and what doesn't.
    • Identify your best performing email templates.
    • See all the ways you're engaged using Yesware.

    Learn more about Reporting and Analytics.

Time Saving Tools

  • Send Later

    Schedule an email to automatically be sent at a later time. Learn more about Send Later.


    Set reminders to follow up on important messages.

    Mail Merge with Automated Follow-ups

    Quickly send personalized emails to up to 200 people at once. Learn more about Mail Merge.


  • Place calls from your inbox with one click. Easily log your calls directly to Salesforce.

    Learn more about Click-to-Call.

Presentation Tracking & Analytics

  • Know what content closes deals. See who viewed your presentation, how long they spent on each page, and how often they accessed it.

    Learn more about Presentation Tracking and Analytics.

Increase Your Team’s Sales Productivity

  • Quickly and easily monitor your sales team’s performance, while providing them with the sales tools they need to work more efficiently.

    • Team Tracking & Activity Reports
    • Share top performing email templates with the whole team.
    • Enable role-based permissions

    Learn more about Yesware for your sales team.

Salesforce & CRM Syncing

  • Salesforce Sync

    Automatically capture activity data on every email sent, opened, link click, attachment download, replies, and scheduled calendar events to the correct Salesforce record.

    • Create contacts in Salesforce and see them.
    • Manage a single calendar across Google and Salesforce.
    • Log all incoming emails with just one click.

    Learn more about Salesforce Sync.

  • Salesforce Sidebar

    See your most recent contact activity and create new Salesforce tasks without ever leaving your inbox.

    • View full activity history and open opportunities.
    • Create and edit contacts and leads.
    • Create tasks via the Sidebar and see them in Salesforce.

    Learn more about the Salesforce Sidebar.

  • Salesforce Reports and Dashboards

    View Yesware activity data inside Salesforce to understand which activities lead to closed business.

    • Spot red flags in the sales cycle before it’s too late.
    • See activity by account, opportunity, and stage.
    • Forecast better knowing that you can trust your data.
  • Sync Directly To More CRMs

    Save all your outbound emails to leading CRMs like Batchbook, Pipedrive, Base, Highrise, SugarCRM, and others with the click of a button.

    Learn more about CRM sync.

We Work Where You Work

  • Yesware for iPhone

    A fully-functional mobile email app that puts Yesware’s core features in the palm of your hand so you can close more deals — anytime, anywhere.

    Download Yesware for iOS

  • Yesware for Outlook

    Email and presentation tracking, email templates, and Salesforce integration for Outlook 2010, 2013, & 2016 on Windows.

    Download Yesware for Outlook

  • Yesware for Gmail

    Sell more effectively, right from your Gmail or Google Apps inbox.

    Download Yesware for Gmail