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The Power of the Gmail Extension: 18 Simple Plugins You Need to Know

A good Gmail extension is like finding a $100 bill on the ground.

It is hard to simply ignore something that has direct value to you.

The same goes for your Gmail inbox. There’s value sitting right there; will you capitalize on it or walk away?

Below are the best quick-to-install Gmail extensions, why they get such good reviews, and what to expect if you download.

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How to Manage Your Existing Gmail Chrome Extensions

A busy Gmail extension list can overcrowd your toolbar; if you’re not using it, then lose it.

It takes <60 seconds to declutter.

First: click the icon with three vertical dots in the upper right hand side of your Chrome browser.


Next: choose “More Tools” > “Extensions.”


You’ll see a list of your extensions. Click to enable or uncheck to disable, or choose “Options” to edit the settings of your running plugins.

Okay, onto the tools.

The Gmail Extension Gamut: What You Are Missing Out On

gmail extension messaging-makeover

1. WiseStamp — Turn Your Email Signature Into a Real Person

Most of us could probably use a refresh to our email signature, but it feels like a chore.

We don’t know what to do to bring it to life.

Wisestamp gives you the oomph you’re looking for with free formatting and the ability to add a headshot. All you have to do is plug in your info.

wisestamp gmail extension

2. Mail Merge for Gmail — Personalized Messaging, Faster

There’s something to be said about a note written just for you.

That said, you can achieve the same effect with automation.


Mail Merge can churn out up to 200 emails at once, giving you the ability to create and schedule Gmail campaigns in under 20 minutes.

That’s a write-send rate of 10 emails every 60 seconds. Watch out, record-breaking speed typers. We’re comin’ for ya.

Note: You can schedule follow-up emails for people who don’t open your first one and preview customized messaging to avoid follow-up mistakes like this one from ending up in inboxes:


3. Grammarly — Check Your Grammar, Fix Any Typos

Speaking of mistakes, it’s easy to overlook typos in our own writing. It’s actually a real thing explained by science.

But to our email recipients, it makes us look stupid.

Ever gotten an email back pointing out your mistake? *Facepalm*

Next time, catch it before you press “send.”


Grammarly auto-scans every composed email for 250 types of mistakes.


4. Crystal — Personality-Based Tips for Each Email Recipient

When we reach out to someone we don’t know, we typically resort to our own writing style.

But what if you could see exactly which type of language your recipient prefers?

Crystal shows you their DISC personality and tells you how to start your email.


And if you include language that doesn’t align with your recipient, Crystal flags it for you with easy alternatives.


Other benefits:

  • Click to view the personality of anyone’s LinkedIn profile.
  • Get reports before meetings with each attendee’s personality and behaviors
  • Access writing tips based on the goal of your email (for example: asking your boss for something)

5. Yesware — Shows Email Opens, Clicks, Attachment Views

Start getting real-time alerts whenever someone opens your email and clicks a link.

You can also see how much time recipients have spent on each page of an attachment.


6. Clearbit — Finding Email Addresses Just Got Way Easier

If you’re missing an email address, Clearbit is the Gmail Chrome extension for you.

Just plug in a company with someone’s name or their job title. Clearbit finds their email address so you can one-click compose an email to them.


Voila! You get email access to CEOs, long lost acquaintances, and elusive prospects.


7. Checker Plus for Gmail — Desktop Alerts So You Can Relax

When you’re not fully absorbed into a task, a part of you itches to check your email.

It’s the same urge that causes you to check your phone 46 times a day, and it hurts you when you’re up against deadlines, quotas, and time in the day.

Resist the urge with desktop notifications that keep you in the loop. Beat unimportant emails to the punch by deleting them as you continue to work.


The plug-in also reads aloud subject lines and senders, which helps you multitask. (Pick your accent.)

8. Inbox When Ready — Protect Your Focus As You Write

This Gmail extension helps you to focus on one task (like writing an email) and get it done. You can hide your entire inbox in the click of a button.

Say hello to Inbox Zero:


Ah, so clean.

9. Gmail OfflineHaving Wifi is No Longer a Make or Break

Sometimes, the internet decides to mess with you. And here’s what happens when it does:


So the next time wifi’s acting spotty, this Gmail extension will protect your access to mail, let you search emails, and set up replies to send when you regain wifi.

Note: You’ll need to go to this version of your inbox. Click the settings gear in the upper right corner, and then choose to download your emails.


10. Google Doc Converter — Spend Less Time Pasting URLs

This one’s great for high priority emails that need messaging front and center rather than behind a link.

It keeps the formatting of your Google Doc and pulls it all into your email. And the new user navigation couldn’t be easier.


Check out 10+ other time-saving desktop and mobile apps.

11. HelloSign — Use Your Mouse to Sign Documents In Seconds

This one lets you open, edit, and sign attachments in under 30 seconds right from your inbox.

It’s like doing that electronic signature for a new license at the RMV, but more fun (and with second chances).


What it means for you: the days of downloading and uploading attachments are over. HelloSign also lets you add text, dates, and checkmarks to forms.

12. Send Later and Reminders — Free Yourself From Pending To-Do’s

One of the biggest email challenges is balancing timing.

You want to write and send emails while you’re in the zone, but your prospect’s asleep because they’re in a different one.

There are two ways to solve this challenge using the same Gmail extension:

  1. Use a Send Later feature to schedule your email for the day and time you want in your prospect’s time zone
  2. Set a reminder to alert you when the timing’s right. These pop up in your inbox when they’re due with any notes you include.


13. KeyRocket — Your Very Own Gmail Shortcuts Coach

The best way to get the hang of a new skill is to dive right in and use it.

This plugin nudges you with Gmail shortcuts tips at times when they’re useful.


14. Unroll.Me — Making Your Subscription Decisions Easily Reversible

Save time (and mouse effort) each day by no longer check marking and deleting all those emails you regret signing up for.

The app does a quick, two-minute scan to identify sites you’d otherwise have to manually unsubscribe from.


Caveat: It does have an unsubscribe limit that requires you to share via social to get more credits.


15. Salesforce Sidebar — The CRM Sync Saving Oodles of Hours

We know that entering activities into Salesforce everyday can be painful.

Which is why we developed a Gmail integration that sends emails, calls, and calendar invites to Salesforce for you.


Bonus: The plugin also pulls prospect info and engagement into a Gmail sidebar and enables one-click calling (and note-logging) in your inbox.

16. Save Emails to Box — Includes Attachments, All In One Click

Enough said.


17. Gmail to Trello — Stop Toggling Between Email and Tasks

If you use Trello, you’re in luck. You can create new cards from email threads using an “Add card” button that the plugin puts in your inbox.


18. Send Emails to Slack — No More Duplicating Efforts. *Sigh*

If you’re routinely alerting your company about updates by email and Slack, this one’s for you.

Cut your time in half by writing one email; then send it to your #general room in one click.


Note: The team that made this plugin is currently working on developing the ability to choose other Slack channels.

That’s all of them! Feel free to send over any other everyday Gmail extensions if they aren’t on the list. We’ll check them out.