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Create personalized campaigns that send on their own. Drop in recipients and watch them engage.

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Create multi-touch Campaigns

Set up a series of touches to send to recipients over time.

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Personalize at scale

Send relevant emails to everyone on your list. Personalization placeholders fill in specific details.

Stay on track and on task

Email campaigns will send automatically based off of recipient engagement.

Campaigns is just one part of Yesware’s productivity platform, a powerful set of tools that live in your inbox.

Upload a list of recipients

Campaigns makes it quick and easy to tie a list of recipients to your email campaign. Import from a CSV file, Salesforce, or by manually adding recipients.

Upload a List of Recipients

Create multi-touch, personalized campaigns

Send customized messaging by choosing the touch time, timing, and the number of touches. By taking a multi-channel approach and incorporating Yesware for Gmail LinkedIn Sales Navigator touches, you’ll be able to make genuine connections in no time.

Create Multi-touch, Personalized Campaigns

Manage your tasks in the sidebar

We’ll notify you to complete your manual tasks in the sidebar. You won’t have to rely on your memory and can focus your time elsewhere.

Manage Your Tasks In The Sidebar

Yesware makes my day-to-day job easy by eliminating the manual work I normally have to do ... I don’t have to manually send or manage emails!

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