Nurturing & Follow Up Email Campaigns

Personalized email campaigns that send on their own. Drop in prospects and watch them engage.

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Never miss a follow up email

Scale your effort

Set up a series of emails to send to prospects over time from your Gmail or Outlook inbox.

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Maintain 1-to-1 messaging

Send relevant emails to everyone on your list. Personalization placeholders fill in specific details.

Track everything

Yesware automatically tracks every follow up email in your Mail Merge campaign and syncs it all the Salesforce. See open, click, reply, and bounce rates.

Mail Merge is just one part of Yesware’s productivity platform, a powerful set of tools that live in your inbox.

Follow ups send as a reply

Each follow up email sends as a reply to your previous automated email. So your recipients see the context of your communication, and you’re free from having to search your Sent folder.

Mail Merge for Gmail

Upload a list of recipients

Mail merge makes it quick & easy to tie a list of recipients to your follow up email campaign. You can import from a .csv or pull in contacts right from Salesforce.

How To Send Follow Up Emails

You control the send schedule

Want to send your follow up email two days after your initial email, to anyone who doesn’t reply? No problem — it’s up to you when your next email sends, and at what time.

Schedule Follow Up Emails

I send about 300 emails per week. Yesware’s Mail Merge saves me over 1.5 hours every week by not having to manually log to Salesforce.

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