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Drip Campaign Checklist

The Complete Checklist for Your Drip Campaign Tool Search

Looking for an email plug-in that lets you send bulk email from your own account? Check out our checklist to make sure you’re asking the right questions.

1:1 Meetings Guide

How Sales Managers Can Maximize 1:1 Meetings

Data backed tips on metrics and conversation topics for weekly 1:1s. Because effective managers → happier reps → higher productivity → more closed deals.

Selling to Mid-Market

Selling to Mid-Market: How to Tailor Your Strategy [Webinar]

Moving to a new customer base means trial, error, and plenty of learnings. This webinar helps you learn from others’ mistakes and gives you a headstart.

SDR Prospecting Webinar

How a High-Performing SDR Team Will Sky Rocket Your Sales Efforts [Webinar]

This webinar will show you how to build out an SDR team from scratch, set up the right processes for wins, and manage your team like a pro.

Sales Prospecting Crash Course

The 7-Day Crash Course in Sales Prospecting

The average person’s attention span is 8 seconds. Which is why we have this bite-sized email course for outbound salespeople.

Power Words Cheat Sheet

Say This, Not That: 13 Power Words Cheat Sheet

Language is a delicate thing. One wrong phrase could alter your prospect’s opinion of you. So do it right on that next call (with our help).

Email Subject Lines That Actually Work

Email Subject Lines That Actually Work

Take it from our data scientists — and the 115 million emails they analyzed — exactly what you should and shouldn’t write in your next email subject line.

18 Proven Email Templates That Will Save You Tons of Time

18 Proven Email Templates That Will Save You Tons of Time

All the email templates you’ll need, ready for you to one-click copy. You’ll find cold emails, follow-ups, keeping-in-touch templates, and break-up emails.

Guide to Email Drip Campaigns

The Smart Salesperson’s Guide to Email Drip Campaigns

What are drip campaigns? How are sales reps using them? Answers to all of these questions + 7 real-world examples.

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Email eBook

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Email (Backed By Data)

13 data-backed strategies for getting more replies to your emails, plus research on the best times to send (hint: it’s not what you might think).

Prospect Research Template

Free Template for Your Research

Use this spreadsheet to organize your research findings on each prospect and personalize mass emails with custom sentences.

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