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How does Yesware work?

Yesware has everything you need to make more sales

Install and integrate into your inbox in under a minute. Make reaching out, scheduling meetings and following up easy. Track daily activity and engagement to see what’s working best.

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Email Tracking

Instantly know what your buyers care about

Get instantly notified when recipients read your emails, click on links, or view attachments. Every moment counts when building relationships.

Spend less time chasing cold prospects and more time closing warm leads.

Reach out at the right time and get more email opens, answered calls,  and meetings booked.

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Multi-Channel Campaigns

Connect with more buyers in a personalized way

Schedule automated emails, manual emails, call touches, LinkedIn mails, or custom touches to follow-up thoughtfully.

Upload a list of contacts or import them directly from Salesforce to pesonalize every step of your campaigns.

Use a multi-channel approach. Complete your list of manual touches for the day or automate your follow-up all together.

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Meeting Scheduler

Eliminate the back and forth of scheduling meetings

Share your link. Let them pick a time. Meetings get automatically added to your calendar.

Seamlessly integrate with your calendar and allow prospects to pick the best time to meet.

Integrate with Zoom and have meeting details automatically added to your invites.

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Email Templates

Send higher converting emails — every time

Save time with proven, ready-to-go email Templates that personalize in seconds. Find the emails and messaging that works. Then send them again.

Never write the same email twice. Choose a template, personalize, and send.

Build a library of your best-performing templates and share them with your team.

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Stop wasting time doing admin work

Connect Salesforce and LinkedIn. Auto-sync activity to Salesforce. Send buyers InMails. All from your inbox.

Auto-sync activity to Lead, Contact, Account and Opportunity records in Salesforce.

Send buyers InMail and connect on LinkedIn right from Gmail.

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Reporting & Analytics

Use data to win more business

Identify the messaging and strategies that engage buyers and use them to create a winning sales process.

View email performance, including open rates, reply rates, and more.

Improve your outreach and move buyers through the sales process faster.

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Accelerate revenue with a repeatable, scalable sales process

Our customers range from startups to Fortune 1,000 companies

“As demand grew, reps could quickly move through the sales process. They could reach out to prospects, personalize emails, and follow up faster. It massively sped up their process.”

Amanda Hudgins
Director of Demand Generation

“We wanted to be able to track the team’s performance. We wanted to empower reps and equip them to coordinate their own communication. And we wanted a tool that didn’t feel like a tool.”

David Carnes
CEO & Chairman

“I wanted to bring in Yesware because it helps us work smarter and faster. It focuses our energy on the best potential donors—the people with the inclination and capacity to advance our mission.”

Christopher Pinault
Director of Development

Higher connect rates across email and phone


More meetings with target buyers


Increase in new business revenue


More deal volume per sales rep

What our customers are saying...

Reservation Genie

@yesware saves me hours of work per week and allows me more time to focus on what really matters- creating meaningful connetions with my clients! The platform’s features are adaptive, innovative, and allow any sales pro to crush their quota!


I'm a big fan of @yesware. Great sales tool I have used for years.

Digital Diamond Media

Find it helpful to send targeted prewritten email templates to save on time. The campaigns function is great to track response rates for a faster sales cycle. The reporting tools make it effective to optimize your communication messaging. @yesware.

Curtis Ropp

If you’re not using @yesware with your email, you should be. Easy to use templates and campaigns!

Theresa 123

I could not work without @yesware now that I’ve used it! Emailing is more efficient and making a call when an email is opened has helped me connect directly with prospects.

Bridgette Doig

@yesware takes the guess work out of wondering if my emails have been looked at! Love the insight into my communication and the ability to schedule campaings. I couldn’t imagine life without it!

Reservation Genie

A quick shout out to @yesware for their awesome email campaign management that highlights which clients have opened our emails, metrics on how often/when/where, click counts, PDF read counts, and more.

Joe Addona

If you use email at work (all of you), you should check out @yesware. I can send 3x the amount of volume with templates, everything tracks to SalesForce, and the reminder feature to follow up is killer 👌🏻

MBK Talent

Our team is huge fans of YesWare! Their tools have transformed the way we do business and has made our lives so much easier! @yesware

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