3 Sales Tips to Jumpstart Your Sales Week

3 Sales Tips to Jumpstart Your Sales Week


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    It’s the last couple weeks of January! Get your last sales in before the month closes out.

    1. Qualify Leads Before You Prospect

    Sign on the right customers for your product or service by doing some research and asking a few questions:

    • Is it a project you want to work on?
    • Is the client someone you can get along with?
    • Do their expectations align with how you work?
    • Do they have enough money to afford you?

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    2. Become the Hunted

    Spend time with your clients and build a relationship so they will stay with you and leverage their networks to give you easier sales.

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    3. Be Specific to the Decision Maker

    Personalize your pitch your prospect knows how your product pertains to his company. Do your research and build credibility so the prospect will want to talk to you again.

    (via Inc. Magazine)

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