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15 Follow-Up Email Template Samples [Updated 2021]

15 Follow-Up Email Template Samples [Updated 2021]
Melissa Williams
Melissa Williams

Melissa Williams

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We’re all familiar with the art of “circling back” and “just checking in” when you never got a reply. You don’t have a proven follow-up email template, so you hesitate before typing.

What can you say to get your prospects to write back?

Below are 12 follow-up email templates to copy and paste right now to use in your outreach. Included below are real-life examples and reply/response rates.

mailTemplate library in your inboxReady-to-go messaging for the entire sales cycle

1. The “Nice to Meet You” Follow-Up Email

When you have a mutual conversation with a stranger, it’s safe to assume they’ll welcome an email from you. So how do you write the “nice to meet you” email?

(Keyword: mutual)

For a fast follow up, plug this information into a pre-set follow up email template:

  1. How you met — Refreshes their memory
  2. A takeaway from your conversation — Shows you were listening
  3. Your ask — Keeps the ball moving

Here’s how to roll it all together:

Subject Line: Great to meet you at {!Event}

Hi {!First Name},

It was nice to meet you at {!Occasion where you met}. I loved learning more about {!Something discussed}. I’m really interested to hear more about your role as {!Job title} at {!Company name}, as {!Reason why you’re interested}.

If you have time in the coming weeks, let’s {!Follow up action}. I’m generally free on {!Days of the week}, if that works for you?

Looking forward to keeping in touch!

Tip: Suggest a time as a starting point, but keep your request flexible to give them control.

Give your recipient complete control by inserting a meeting scheduler link into your email — seamlessly integrates with your Outlook or Gmail calendar.

2. The Introduction Email

Someone just tapped on the network you’re so proud of, asking for an introduction email.

If they did it right, they made it easy for you by sending along all the necessary info.

Which means you have a key insight already: the value that they plan to provide.

Below is a short follow up email that gets to the punch quickly:

follow up email template how to ask for an introduction

Hint: Don’t forget to CC the person who requested the intro, so they can pick up the convo where you leave it off.

Copy and paste this follow-up email as a template to customize in seconds:

Hi {!First Name},

I hope this note finds you well and {!Personal note}.

{!Person requesting referral & their relation to you} (CC’d here) mentioned to me that {!he/she} is looking {!Reason for their request to you}. I’m reaching out in hopes that you can point {!him/her} in the right direction.

As I think you know, {!What requester’s company does}. {!Value statement — what’s in it for your recipient?}

Quick Favor
Might you be willing to introduce {!Requester’s first name} to the correct person who {!Responsibility} within {!Their Company}? It would be fantastic to {!Requester’s end vision}.

Thank you in advance

mail-openTrack your follow-upsKnow when recipients read your emails, click on links, and view attachments

3. The “Just Left A Voicemail” Follow-Up Email

How many of your missed calls that go to voicemail are actually missed?

Chances are your prospect could be actively ignoring you (both your cold calls and cold emails).

Capturing their attention won’t be an easy feat — but it’s possible if you prove there’s alignment.

After you leave a voicemail message (voicemail and sales call scripts here), send an email to reiterate your value statement.

Like this:

Subject line: Just tried your line / next steps

Hey {!First Name},

I just left you a voicemail but wanted to drop a line by email in case this is more convenient for you.

I’m reaching out because it looks like {!Point of alignment between their company and yours}.

We’re {!Company pitch with value to them — include stat & customer name(s)}.

{!First Name}, I’d love to connect about your specific needs. I also have a suggestion about how you can {!Achieve desired result} (with or without us).

Give me a call back at {!Your phone number} if convenient, or feel free to reply to this email.


4. When You’re Sent To Someone Else 

Sometimes, that account you’re chasing turns out to be a wild goose.

If Recipient 1 bounced you to another person, keep in mind the context with this new person:


These are the steps to take with your follow up email:

  1. CC the colleague you first emailed to increase your chances of a reply by 12%.
  2. Ask yourself, what pain point does my company solve? How exactly does it solve it?
  3. Turn this into a problem-solution specific to your recipient’s role in his/her org.

And remember, do your homework by visiting their company site and social media to make it even more personable.

Here’s a template that one of our sales consultants uses regularly:

follow up email template


Save this follow-up email as a template:

Hi {!FirstName},

I just spoke with {!Person} over the phone who pointed me your direction.

I reached out to {!Person} because I noticed that your {!Department} team is {!Pained situation}, which we hear is a major challenge {!Why/how it’s challenging}.

{!My Company} would automatically {!Paint the solution}. {!Person} suggested we have a conversation.

Could you and I arrange 15 minutes this week to explore how {!Your Company} could leverage {!My Company}?

Pro tip: Try adding a testimonial link to your email signature. Social proof makes your company more compelling, and hyperlinks let you track clicks.

Like this:

Watch a short video to see how Acquia closes more deals, faster with Yesware.

Here are 17 other A/B testing ideas for your emails to start getting more replies.

5. When You’ve Just Had a Meeting

Lucky you — whoever you’re emailing is invested in your relationship. They just spent their time meeting with you, and they’re probably going to read your follow-up.

But how can you go beyond opens and increase replies?

Do the work for them. Recap everything so all they do is confirm that 1) they received your email, and 2) your summary is accurate.

This is a sales meeting follow-up template that our team has great success with:

Hey {!Company Name} team,

Great meeting with you today — thank you for your time and having us {!come by the office/share in a discussion}. Look forward to reconvening on {!Agreed upon date}. Separate calendar invite to follow shortly for that. 

Quick Question

Can you please reply to confirm I recapped our discussion accurately and if I missed anything?

Your Current Initiatives / Priorities / Goals:

  • {!Priority 1}
  • {!Priority 2}
  • {!Priority 3}

Evaluation Success Criteria:

  • {!Measure 1}
  • {!Measure 2}

How {!My Company} Can Help:

  • {!First Benefit + End Picture} 
  • {!Second Benefit + End Picture} 
  • {!Third Benefit + End Picture} 

Agreed Upon Next Steps / Action Item Owners / Dates & Times:

  • {!First Action + Date} — {!Owner 1}
  • {!Second Action + Date} — {!Owner 2}
  • {!Third Action + Date} — {!Owner 3}
chart-barEliminate the guessworkKnow which templates your prospects find most engaging

6. When You Just Left Your Interview

You just walked out of a great interview and you want to set yourself up for success.

How do you balance being polite with standing out from the rest of the candidates for the job?

Easy: take the extra 60 seconds to personalize your thank you to each person.

Two things to remember here:

  1. Whoever you talked to has a busy schedule. They spent their valuable time on your interview; show them it wasn’t wasted. Generic emails are careless and imply that you aren’t invested in the opportunity.
  2. The individuals you interviewed with are all colleagues, which means they talk. Don’t be the interviewee who blasts the same thank-you email to everyone.

How to write a follow-up email after your interview:

Personalize your email in three ways to show you were listening and you’re invested:

Paragraph 1 — Recap one point of discussion from your conversation

Paragraph 2 — Refer to their team’s relationship with your team to-be

Paragraph 3 — Mention a detail that the interviewer disclosed to you

What your email should look like

Here’s the follow up email I sent to a sales manager I met with when I was interviewing here at Yesware:
follow up email template what to send after your interview

Because I took the time to send a heartfelt thank-you, I won the reply and a returned sentiment:


Here’s a copy of this email template:

Hi {First Name!},

Thank you for sitting down with me {!This morning/yesterday} to discuss {!Company} your role on the {!Department} team, and what you are looking for from a {!Role}. I love how {!Element of company culture or role responsibilities that you discussed}.

It was so nice to hear about {!Something that aligns with your passions}. A team dynamic like this is something that I am very passionate about!

I also appreciate your disclosure about {!Another point of discussion}. I’m glad to know that you feel that {!Company} {!Something about confidence in company}.

Thank you again, {!First Name}, and I hope you again soon!


7. When They’re Past Due Payment (And You’re In Collections)

Make an uncomfortable situation easier with a proven collection letter template.

Here’s how to keep your email understanding but forceful:

Subject Line: Are you there, {!First Name}? Dropping a line

Hi {!First Name},

I hope this note finds you well. I want to follow up on an invoice I emailed on {!Date}. I haven’t received the payment yet, so I wanted to ensure the email isn’t lost somewhere in depths of cyberspace. Would you please check to see if the accounts payable department has received it? I’ll be happy to resend if necessary. Otherwise, I look forward to receiving payment within a week.

I really appreciate your help! Thanks!

Want more templates for collecting late payments? Here are 10 more from Junetoo.

8. When You Get a Second Shot at Your PR Pitch

Your first pitch didn’t win over the editor or reporter.

Time to up your game.

Here’s how to sell it: Keep your follow-up email shorter than your first one. Journalists spend less than one minute reading what you’ve sent them. They prefer bullet-form facts.

  • Know their beat — are you reaching out to the best person? If not, identify who is and use a free tool to find their email.
  • No buzzwords allowed; just include the facts.
  • Offer an exclusive.

Below is an example of a first email that I sent to FastCompany (followed by my follow-up):

follow up email template what to send for pr pitch

Email tracking revealed that my email was opened, but I didn’t get the reply. So here’s the follow-up email I sent three days later:


My shorter, bulleted follow-up email won the reply and a placement in Fast Company.

Copy this template and re-use:

Hi {First Name!},

I know you’re busy so I wanted to reach back out about my earlier request — have you had a chance to review the {!What you sent over} that I sent over {!When you sent it}?

{!1 sentence summarizing what you have is new, comprehensive, or groundbreaking}
{!Finding 1}
{!Finding 2}
{!Finding 3}

And more… Reattaching the {!Report or other source of further info}.

Thank you for your time and looking forward to your feedback,

9. The Best Follow-Up Email Template For An Inbound Lead

Are you charged with reaching out to people who download your company’s marketing content? Just because someone read something doesn’t mean they want to talk to sales (yet).

Which is why you need to nurture them. How? Provide new value that shows them why you’re worth their time.

Our sales team achieves a 34% reply rate by following up with people who downloaded our recent ebook. Here’s an example of an email template that’s been filled out:

the best follow up email template for an inbound lead

Copy this example as a template:

Hi {!First Name},

I noticed you got a chance to take a look at some of our content, specifically the piece {!Title of content}. I hope you found some value there!

{!Question triggering pain point}?It’s a reality in {!Their field} today, and the reason why {!How your company aligns}. I would love to {!action you’re looking for} {!what it accomplishes for them}. {!Statement that shows your differentiation}. 

{!First name}, do you have {!amount of time} free on {!Day} {!time of day}?

10. How to Send a Follow-Up Email After No Response

Waiting for an answer from a friend, colleague, or vendor? Here’s your reality:


Below is a follow-up email template to send after no response.  This exact email won me a 25% reply. Use it as a starting point or copy and paste the text directly here.

how to send a follow up email after no response

Here’s what to include in your follow up after no response:

  1. Restate the context of the original email and the value to them.
  2. Include your explicit ask.
  3. More information: Any additional resources for them to review.

Here’s a template so you can re-use this follow-up email:

Hi {!First Name},

In case you missed my email {!week/day you sent it}, {!restate why you’re reaching out}. {!Value statement specific to recipient}.

My ask for you:

  • {!First part of ask}
  • {!Second part of ask}

{!Any additional information}.

Looking forward to your reply,

pencil-altSave top-performing emails as templatesNever write the same email twice with Yesware

11. When They Asked You to Circle Back Later

What’s your first reaction when your alarm goes off in the morning?

Snooze — it’s how we procrastinate dealing with sales outreach, too.

Instead of taking a meeting or committing to a contract, we say, “let’s check back next quarter.”

If you’re the salesperson circling, you need to deliver tangible, relevant information.

Here’s a good follow up email that I received after going through a demo (names changed):

circle back follow up email template example

A couple things to note here:

  1. Gary uses leaves the subject line empty; this is a tactic proven to increase opens
  2. The case study note delivers fast value with a brand name & a success metric
  3. The email signature includes a UTM-tagged ebook offer. This does two things. It nurtures prospects and it provides marketing with engagement data. (More ideas on how to make your email signature work for you here.)

Grab the template:

Hi {!First Name},

I know we’re still in a holding pattern, but I wanted to send over a customer case study that speaks to how {!Customer Name} leveraged {!type of product/service you offer} to {!What they accomplished — HARD METRIC}. 

What sort of timelines do you think we’re looking at to pick this back up?


Pro tip: Schedule your follow-up email now to send later. Then, use tools like Google Alerts to monitor for trigger events that can help you get your foot in the door sooner. (You can always cancel your scheduled email if you find more opportune timing sooner).

Make sure you’re scheduling your emails at a time that recipients are in their inbox — check out our new 2020 study that reveals the best time, day, and frequency to send emails based on reply rates.

12. The “Break Up” Follow-Up Email

You’ve been nurturing a ghost with a drip campaign, and it’s time to let him or her go. (The good news is you can automate the whole process so you don’t have to sit there with tissues).

Not sure how to say goodbye?

Here’s a follow-up email template that our sales team has found works best for break up emails:

follow up email template the breakup

Make this template your own [copy, paste, customize]:

Hi {!First Name},

I’ve been reaching out because I see a great opportunity for your team to {!Outcome 1}, {!Outcome 2}, and {!Outcome 3}.

Hate to be a bother, so I’ll plan on reconnecting in a few months, unless you tell me you’re ready to evaluate sooner. If you were interested in getting your team on a pilot period to try us out, I could help set that up too.

In the meantime, I’ll definitely keep an eye out for {!Your company} news!

Thanks for your time.

Biggest takeaways: We dislike potential loss more than we enjoy potential gain. Which is why it’s worth telling them you’re walking away — especially if you want them to take action.

The combination of loss aversion and personalization is powerful. It drives a 33% reply rate on touch plans where this is the 5th touch.

If you enjoy these email templates — they all live in this easily accessible doc.

The Best Recipe for the Perfect Follow Up


How to Send Emails Faster (and At The Right Time)

Below are three tools to send smarter, faster emails. They let you personalize at scale and automate full cadences that do the work for you.

Email Tracking — Get real-time alerts the moment your email is opened or clicked

So you know for sure when your emails are being read — and exactly when to follow up.

Templates & Send Later— Customize messaging in seconds, schedule for the right time.

So you spend less time writing, can personalize emails in seconds, and find out what works.

Campaigns — Automated campaigns based on engagement (i.e. “send in 2 days if no reply.”)

So you schedule emails, phone calls, and custom tasks at one time (no need to watch for replies or remember follow-ups).

Over to you

Do you have follow-up email templates for any categories that we missed? Do you find yourself in other follow-up situations that we can help with? Let us know on Twitter: @Yesware.

Originally published January 6, 2018, updated January 2021.

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