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See who opens your emails, links, and attachments. Always know what happens after you click send.

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Email tracking that makes life easier

Know when emails are opened

Get instant alerts the moment your emails are opened or clicked. See where, when, and on what device each message was read.

See who reads attachments

Know which pages or slides of attached documents were viewed or skipped, how long someone spends on each page, and how often they access your tracked files.

Keep tabs on everything

The Inbox Dashboard shows you exactly what you want to know — like which messages have been opened but not replied to — with just one click.

Email tracking software is just one part of Yesware’s productivity platform, a powerful set of tools that live in your inbox.

Know when your email is opened

Get instant alerts on every email open, link click, and attachment download. No read receipts required.

Email Tracking Service

See who’s ignoring you

The Inbox Dashboard shows you exactly what you want to know — like which messages have been opened but didn’t get a reply.

Email Tracker App

Works the way you do

Yesware’s email tracking software lives in your Gmail, G Suite, Outlook, or O365 inbox, automatically keeping tabs on all your important messages without disrupting your workflow.

Email Tracking Outlook and Gmail

See time spent on attachments

Find out exactly how long email recipients are spending on your presentation slides and any other PDF or PPT file you send. Reporting breaks down by person, location, and device type.

Presentation and Attachment Tracking

My inbox was transformed into a hyper-aware entity. As my day commenced I started to realize that I was getting smarter by the minute.

Alexander T.

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