3 Sales Tips to Kickstart Your Week: Part 2

August 1, 2011 | 
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Each week we share sales tips for you to share with your sales team to get the week started on the right foot. Here are three to get you started.

1. Participate in groups and conversations relevant to your prospective customers on LinkedIn to draw leads for B2B sales.

If a sales rep is going to do this, make sure he or she has a complete LinkedIn profile and that adds connections to show he or she is an active member of the social network. Participate in a conversational way by adding value when starting discussions in groups. Nothing turns prospective customers off more than the perception that you’re only there to sell something. This and more great tips: Using LinkedIn as a Sales Prospecting Tool

2. Before you contact a prospect, think of creating a long-term relationship with that individual – not just hitting a number for the end of the month.

But remember: Even though you want your sales reps to approach prospects with the goal of relationship-building in mind, you don’t want them to get too friendly, casual, or informal too quickly. That could turn people off. Allow the friendly-ness to come naturally during that first conversation with a potential customer.

This and more great tips: 18 Keys to Better Customer Relationships

3. Before investing in a sales technology solution, have a cross-departmental conversation about current processes, future goals and areas of improvement to meet said goals.

A new marketing automation tool will do more harm than good if it is used without a good lead-qualifying strategy. An internal conversation clearing defining current processes, goals and measurement of success will help you select the right technology.

This and more great tips: 15 Questions to Ask Before Investing in Sales 2.0

What sales and management tips have you read about lately? Let us know in the comments!

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